Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hand Bag Beauty Essentials

The contents of my makeup bag are always changing. Just think about it some months you may crave red lipsticks while other months natural pinks might be your signature colour. Which is why I always carry a “my essentials” bag. I totally understand this might overkill for some, but since the belongings of this bag rarely change it keeps things organized. Plus let’s face it I am a beauty junkie so toting around two small makeup bags doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  
On a side note, I suppose I could just carry on big makeup bag around… As per usual, I am getting way off topic here. So let’s just the post before I get carried away here.

I don’t use anti-bacterial often, but sometimes you just need to. My favourite anti-bacterial is Bath and Body Works PocketBac’s. Not only are these tiny sanitizers a purse friendly size, but I like the come in fun scents too.

Hand Cream 
In the dead of winter I am prone to super dry hands.  However that doesn’t stop me carrying hand cream all year, it’s like my 30 second pampering indulgence. My two favourites are the NUXE Reve De Miel and the L’occitane hand creams. Both brands do really hydrating hand creams that aren’t greasy. After using 2 tubes of the NUXE back to back I opted for the floral master piece … L’Occitane Peony. So floral, so fresh this is a must for summer.
Wither its applying your favourite berry lipstick or checking if your mascara is running a Mirror is a must. I got a little crafty (I use this term very loosely) with an old broken Chanel pallet. Basically I just took out the old blush and gave it a good wash…and voila a free fancy compact!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
Dry lips, taming eye brow hair, healing burns, soothing bug bites, hydrating cuticles, repairing dry skin! 8 Hour Cream is so amazing because of its infinite amount of uses. If you haven’t tried this cult status product by now please do, it without question lives up to the hype.
I have a whole review here

Blotting Papers
It’s 5 you’ve been out all day and you totally forgot about your dinner plans at 5:30. I’m not saying these moments happened all the time, but these are the times where blotting papers come in handy. I have the luxurious Shiseido version on hand, but any blotting paper/thin paper works.
On a side note I also know people who swear by the Starbucks brown napkins.

What are some of your everyday purse essentials? leave me a comment!

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