Sunday, June 28, 2015

CoverGirl the Super Sizer

I have serious mascara commitment problems. In my last mascara review I declared myself a new woman and vowed myself only use Benefit (review here). All I can say about that is fail… because when I heard that CoverGirl was releasing volumizing mascara I was all over it. Sorry Benefit, Hello Covergirl!

The first thing I noticed about this mascara is the huge tube. The second thing I noticed is the small oddly shaped brush. I felt kind of like a kid opening a huge present and only left with a small toy. Feelings of disappointment and shock took over me while I had this “where did the rest of it go” moment. It was at the same moment that I realized that I bought the brown-black version instead of the black version… but the review must go on!

The brush. To be honest one look at the sparse plastic bristles and I was convinced this would be a fail.  My first time applying this I was so sure of having clumpy spider lashes I kept a bottle of Bioderma and my Benefit Roller Lash close. The results were shocking! The brush as bizarre as it looks actually separates the lashes, while giving ample volume and length too. Also, to my surprise I was amazed to how easy this brush was to control during application. Without getting mascara on my nose, clothes or toes (?) I was able to coat each eye lash perfectly.

Moral of the story … Never judge a mascara by its wand!
But now for the goods!

Yes, the formula is long lasting and non-irritating. Also the brush despite looking wonky actually works really well. My problem with the Super Sizer is the “400% more volume” claim. Maybe I am being nitpicky but I was expecting more oomph, like 400 times more. On a side note, how would that even be measured?
Quick someone get me a calculator and a ruler!

The Super Sizer is a solid mascara. While it’s not ground breaking in terms of volume it really does give the look of beautiful lashes. Actually I would say classify this mascara as a multitasker it gives nice length, a good amount of volume and a decent amount of fullness. If you were looking for something new to try I would definitely give this affordable mascara a go.

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  1. lol yeah how would that even be measured? I've always been wondering about that in mascaras ads as well.