Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things I Must Use

Spring is here and with the warmer weather, budding flowers and brighter days comes the joyous pleasure of spring cleaning. I mean that with the utmost amount sarcasm of course. My cleaning rampage took me from the kitchen right to the linen closest and then to my makeup collection. Truthfully I like organizing my makeup and skincare. Not only does it insure I rotate between products, but it also gives me inspiration for my posts. Which brings me to the inspiration of this post …  things that I found that I need to use.

THEFACESHOP Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
If you are on the no paraben kick avoid this product, because it’s riddled with not so great ingredients.
With that being said, I can’t escape the fact that this mask makes my face feel super smooth and look radiant the next day. If you’re on the market for a cheap mask, this refreshing gel mask actually works and comes highly recommended.

THEFACESHOP Floral Mist Water
I love facial mists in the spring and summer, there are refreshing and many contain great skincare benefits too. THEFACESHOP’s Floral Mist is a light mist, perfect to for setting makeup but also great for a quick refresh. It also contains an SPF of 8 which makes it great for subtle sun protection.
Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream
I love the scent of Sanctuary Spa products, but over the years there products have become harder and harder to find across Canada. The last thing I have remaining from a gift set is this very hand cream and I can ensure you I will love every last drop.

MAC Margin
In my seasonal makeup switcha-roo I encountered my old favorite MAC Margin. Margin is a golden peach with some bronze undertones. On my fair cheeks this gives a summery glow, but without the obvious look of a bronzer. It’s a shame this sat in my collection for so long, because it’s truly a stunning yet original shade.

What have you found recently that made a vow to finish, answer below!

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