Friday, April 24, 2015

10 Easy Ways to Avoid Pimples

Pimples, zits, spots or whatever you call them are a real pain in the ass. Not only can they be annoying but they can be painful as well. Plus is it just me or does anyone else get a bump before every important life event too?  The good news about pimples is just about everyone gets them, and for the most part they can be easily avoided. So I thought I would take the time and give you my tops 10 ways to avoid spots. 

1. Don’t touch your face.
Your hands are riddled with bacteria that cause your face to break out. As a teenager I was notorious for leaning my head on my hand, which resulted in pimples around my jawline. The moment I stopped was the moment my pimples started to disappear. If you find this difficult the sleeve of your sweater instead!

2.       Don’t pick your face.
Again your hands boast bacteria that you don’t want on your skin, so avoid picking. Even if your hands are clean more times than not picking will only make matters worse.

3.       Change to a fabric softener for sensitive skin
If you notice yourself randomly breaking out consider it might be sensitivity to a laundry detergent or fabric softener. There are many different laundry products formulated for sensitive skin, so to avoid spots I highly recommend switching to something mild.
4.       Change your pillow case often
Just like our hands, our pillow cases can be riddled with bacteria too. Spots can be easily avoided by just changing your pillow case more often. Personally, I change mine twice a week and have noticed in a big difference in the clarity of my skin.

5.       Take off your makeup consistently
If I fall asleep with makeup on I will 100% wake up with a pimple… it’s just a fact. To avoid this I make sure to wash my face every day no if’s, and’s or but’s. While I always recommend the cleanser and water combination, Bioderma on a cotton pad does the trick when your in a pinch.

6.       Drink More Water
Drinking more water seems to be the answer to all of life’s ailments and pimples are no exception to this miracle treatment. While the science behind this method is still very much on the fence, my philosophy has always been it can’t hurt. Plus, your skin will thank you for substituting water for sugary drinks too. 

7.       Wash your makeup brushes
Another bacterial breeding site is actually on your makeup brushes. You don’t have to wash your makeup brushes every day, but I highly suggest giving them a good clean at least once a day.

8.       Avoid stress
Okay this tip is easier in theory, rather than in practice. HOWEVER cutting some stress is an excellent way to avoid future spots. Investing time in distressing activities like a bubble bath, exercise, reading or crafting can dramatically eliminate the chance of pimple occurring.

9.        Avoid pore clogging oils
There are many different kinds of oils, some good and some pore clogging bad. Personally if a product is less than $5.00 and the first ingredient is mineral oil I know I’m asking for a pimple. With that being said there are also great products at affordable prices, that contain mineral oil… which brings me to my next point

10.   Research Research Research
There are millions of different reviews, about millions of different products, written by people with different skin types. You can go to websites like or simply just google search it you will be overloaded with amazing reviews.

There you have it have my top 10 really easy ways to avoid spots, with that being said remember spots happen, we all get them and they are completely normal. What are some of your tips to avoid spots? Leave me a comment!

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