Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Done With Diptyque

When I think of luxury candles the first thing that comes to mind is Diptyque  These perfumed beauties go through a 9 step process of ensure optimal quality. Even if you do a quick glance online beauty bloggers and fashionista’s alike claim these to be “the best”. Now with three candles under my belt here are my final thoughts on Diptyque.

My first candle from Diptyque was Rosa Mundi. This rose scented masterpiece was the best candle I’ve ever owned. The scent was a beautiful, it burned like a dream and the packaging was downright stunning. Again Epice was a just as nice and although being a mini size it had no problem filling a room with its stunning scent.

Then there was Figuier a candle loved by so many, it was on my musts of things to try. The first time I opened the box and noticed it was lacking any scent I knew there was something wrong. So I called my local Diptyque store and the instructed me to burn it to “release” the scent and this did absolutely nothing. Now unable to return my burnt candle I was left to contact Diptyque customer service and heard nothing… actually I emailed them twice and both with no response.

I’m not one to bash a single brand and I realize duds happen. However when you pride yourself quality wouldn’t you want to maintain that? In fact, I think there are many candle brands both luxurious and affordable that exceed Diptyque's customer service. So while the Rosa Mundi jar proudly stores my makeup brushes I am unfortunately done with Diptyque.


  1. I don't think I've ever finished off a big candle like this, though I'm sure if I had one from Diptyque, I'd be burning it every day! :)



    1. I am candle obsessed, 9/10 I always have one burning.

  2. I can't believe they didn't try to atleast make it right (as popular as they are). I have only purchsed Rosa Mundi a hand full of times with no problems. I can see how this would turn you off from wanting to purchase another though.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for the comment!
      Like I said two out of the three candles were perfect.
      BUT the fig one wasn't scented at all... such a waste of money!