Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Beauty Haul

One of my favourite things to do ever is wander the drugstore and look for new product or hidden gems. I'm telling you if you want to have a fun time, grab a coffee, a best friend and hit up your local drugstore. Not only it a good time but it's a great way to get feed back on different products. With a handful of beauty products and the other hand filled with strawberry jelly candies I bring you my Sunday Beauty Haul. 

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser
There is something about Ponds Cold Cream line that has always interested me. Maybe its the fact the Ponds has been making cold cream since the 1910? or maybe its the fact that its one of the first drugstore cult products? Not sure but this on sale, rose scented cleanser spoke to me. Plus let's face it I am on a drugstore skincare kick at the moment. 

Physicians Formula Argan Oil 
Adding to my drugstore skincare addiction is the new offerings from Physicians Formula's Aragn Line. This 100% Argan oil seemed like a bargain in comparison to the very famous Josie Maran version. This also happened to be on sale and had a 9 dollar in store rebate attached to it... I walked away paying 6.00 for this. I haven't tried this yet but expect a review in the near future.

Physicians Forumla Argan Oil Blush in Rose
I am new to Physicians formula so for all I know there products might be amazing. What I can tell you is in my opinion there products seem gimmick-y. A quick look at there website and I found a blush that makes you happy, a lipgloss with a superpower seductive scent and magical PH tone adjusting powders. PH and colour tone... is there a correlation? I don't know! 
I do know Argan infused blush might seem like a genus idea for dry skinned ladies so in my cart that went.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 
I am a total fan of Clarins oil's in general! I mean there body oils are heavenly, there facial oils are some of my all time favorites, so the release of a lip oil had me jumping to the moon. I have tried this and so far I like it, please prepare yourself for a review soon. 

Nothing beats good conversation, drugstore beauty shopping mixed with some yummy jelly candy. 
What have you been buying recently? leave me a comment! 


  1. Nope, there's nothing better then a 3am shoppers run :) Even though I was done for the night I cant help but buy some must haves with the expert @tarettanya. The Argan oil left my face feeling smooth and not oily at all. After applying it lastnight i though that my face would definetly dry up due to the cold weather. but it didnt, still smooth, this stuff is really good. Thanks tonton for the last min grab at the cash. That lip comfort oil will be my next drug store purchase, its too rich in quality not to purchase.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Sue Sue! I have been loving the Argan oil too... can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Lip Comfort Oil. :)
      thanks for visiting Suize-Q!

  2. Nice picks! Love the pattern on the blush and I'm dying to try the new Clarins lip oils :)


    1. I think the lip oil would be right up your alley!
      Thank you for stopping by!