Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Skin Care Myth’s

If you haven’t noticed skincare fascinates me, but my passion didn’t originate from choice. Nope as an eczema sufferer I would say I was forced into the skincare world. For me the switch went off when conventional eczema cures didn’t work, it was then and there that I became an expert in my own skin. Not only did I become an expert at my own skin, but the science behind these products and the art routine enticed me. With that all being said (and there is no other way to say it) there is a lot of bullshit out there. So today I debunk some of these skincare myths.

You Need to Buy the Whole Line
You finally find the perfect moisturizer and the sales lady tell you “you need to purchase the whole line to see it work”. If she then tells you “they are all formulated together to achieve the desired results” I would sincerely question the quality of the product you want to purchase. Personally I have never stuck to an entire line of products. Actually I highly doubt you will find any beauty blogger or beauty editor that does. Things in my routine are amazing stand-alone products and they should be in your routine too. If you whole range of products works for you perfect, but if you want to mix things up, do it!

The talk of using toner brings up some passionate beliefs in people. Most toners contain high amounts of alcohol which instantly dry out your skin. Why? It gives the illusion that you’re moisturizing working better. I’ve also heard that toner brings your skin back to its natural PH. Maybe way-back-when this would have applied, but since todays cleansers are gentle water soluble formula’s I don’t buy it. Do you need them? I personally don’t think so.
There are a ton of toners out there that do more than dry out your skin. Some moisturize while other exfoliate … these are not the alcohol based toners I am talking about.  

Eye Creams
Could these little pricey pots of cream be all hype, no action? Yes… because theoretically you can moisturize your eye area with you regular everyday moisturizer. Exceptions do apply this this rule like if you happen to be using an intense anti-aging cream.  Also personally I’ve had eczema on my eye lid in needed a specialized cream for the area. Personally, I like the way an eye creams feel so I still continue to use them. However do you really need them… no.

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