Friday, December 19, 2014

The Amazing World of Drugstore Skincare

In the aisles of your grocery store and on the shelves of your drugstore there is a beautiful thing going on. The beautiful thing I am talking about is skincare people! Skincare is totally in right now am I am completely loving it. Years ago there were only a couple of brands the dominated the drugstore but now we see many different companies treating every skin concern possible.  Gone are the days where the answer to acne was getting a heavier foundation and the cure for dry skin was petroleum jelly. So with this skincare renaissance happening in your local pharmacy here are my top brands to watch out for.

Nip + Fab
This cutting edge line of products is founded the same people who brought to you Rodial. This brand thrives on giving naturally advanced skincare that is cutting edge, yet affordable. Sounds amazing right? They have some interesting sounding products like there Bee Sting line or there Viper Venom range but what caught my eye was the Glycolic line of products. There Glycolic peel pads have been in tons of magazines and hyped around the internet. The whole chemical peel pad trend has been prevalent in department store brands for a while, but there haven’t been many drugstore brands to compete. Judging by the incredible reviews online it seems like not only does NIP & FAB compete but they really hold their own.
             I really think NIP & FAB are on to some fun, cutting edge drugstore skincare which is why I think its a brand to watch out for.

Indeed Labs
Another brand doing some amazing cutting edge things is Indeed Lab. Like Nip + Fab, Indeed Labs have been taking over beauty publications and the blog world alike. While there products are rich in science and innovation they are all affordable and carried in my local drugstore. What I really like about Indeed Labs is there straight to the point approach to skincare. Instead of offering a whole skincare regime they offer direct solutions, making it ideal for the person who doesn’t like all the fuss. Thus far I have only tried Indeed Labs Snoxin (review here), but there range of products thoroughly interest me.  

This is a new brand here in Canada but what caught my eye was there Hot Cloth Polish. We all know the Hot Cloth/Polish trend has been around the department stores for a while, but I was impressed to see a variation at my local Walmart. NSPA has 25 years of spa experience and they take pride in transforming your everyday beauty routine into a lush, relaxing, luxurious one. There bath and body care range smells unbelievably lavish, the Hot Cloth Polish has me hooked (review here) and there hydration line of products looks amazing. So next time you’re at your local Walmart I highly suggest you pay attention to NSPA.

What are some of your favourite drugstore skincare brands and products? Leave me a comment! 


  1. I like nspa too . I also like Superdrugs own brand of stuff too. Great post. xox

    1. Good to know, I've been wanting to try more from there line of products.

  2. I really want to try more from Indeed Labs- Snoxin sounds great! xo


    1. they make some fantastic sounding things that is for sure.