Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners

 Lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip balms and jumbo lip crayons are all things I can get into. However is it just me or does anyone find the new lip liner trend incredibly hard to wear? Most lip liners are so drying the make my lips looks dry and thin. Often compared to high end brands Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners come so highly recommended that they are impossible to ignore. So I followed the online hype right to drugstore and purchased two of these for myself. 

I’ve tired Stila, Doir, Mac and the cult status NYX but nothing I’ve ever tried compares to the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners. The formula itself is creamy and opaque which is perfect for creating that solid line. I must add I am a total fan of the mechanical sharpener but what really does me over is the slanted tip, which allows for really easy application. I love finding gems at the drugstore! I have to give you a heads up that the packaging is not exactly the same at the color. So if you’re looking at the Rimmel Exaggerate I highly recommend trying these first hand or looking at online swatches before purchasing. 

The first color I bought was 070 Enchantment. This full on raspberry color is stunning and I can totally see this becoming a summer must have for many. 

I was then enticed by 063 Eastend Snob which is a nude pink. In reality this this the closest color to nude I can wear and I totally am digging it. 

Usually I compare a drugstore brands to a high-end brand, but there nothing I've tried that compares to the Rimmel lip liners. They last forever on the lips, application is a breeze and they are relatively creamy too! If you wanted to get your 90’s lip game on I can’t recommend the Rimmel Exaggerate enough.


  1. Ah, glad you're loving these ones- the shades are great! Always nice to hear when drugstore items rival more expensive ones! I've recently tried Annabelle's Stay-Sharp lip liners and really like them :)



    1. I have not tried Annabelle products in years.
      After reading your recent post I've so tempted by these ...
      Thanks for visiting Jen ;)

  2. I reaally need to get some lip liner . These look lovely .x xo