Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Red

Red lipstick has a super power to it. It can make one feel pretty, sexy, empowered and beautiful all at the same time. However, unlike fun fuchsias, barely there nudes or vampy plum shades, red lipstick is a classic colour and suits absolutely everyone.  This timeless, beautifying, power colour makes it the perfect lipstick to wear around the holidays. So here are my tips and tricks to mastering the red pout.

A Touch of Red
If there you’re not comfortable with a full-on red lip then start off with a sheer wash. You can do this by adding good coat of lip balm to the lips then adding your favorite red lipstick on top. Not only is this method hydrating but it looks stunning too!

Conceal Those Spots
Always, always, always conceal spots (especially around the mouth) or any red areas (like around the nose) if you’re going to wear red lipstick. Red might make your teeth look whiter but it can make those spots appear redder and bigger. You don't need perfect skin to rock a red but I highly suggest concealing anything that worry sum. 

Blush Baby
I think so many people find red lipstick hard to wear because they don’t use enough blush. So my tip to you is always to apply blush after applying your red lipstick. This sounds like such a silly tip but you will be blown away about how much blush really ties the whole look together.

Chanel Gabrielle
Gabrielle is my classic holiday red. Some explain this colour as orange red, while others swear its blue based, I describe this color a timeless true red. Because this color is fairly neutral I honestly haven’t met someone this didn’t suit. The pigmented formula is balanced by a subtle almost glossy finish, which makes this lipstick incredibly easy to wear and very flattering. If you wanted to spurge on a little Christmas treat this year go for Gabrielle.

So ladies put that bubble gum pink lipstick’s down and pack up the nude lip gloss and give a classic Christmas Red a try this festive season.


  1. Can't beat a classic red for the holidays! Gabrielle looks like a perfect option :)


    1. Totally is ... I also happen to like YSL's Luscious Cherry too!

  2. This looks stunning. xox