Monday, December 29, 2014

Lipstick Shades For a Midnight Kiss

New years eve is just a blink away and I know we are all looking for that perfect lip colour. So if your anticipating a midnight kiss or if you were having a girls night here are my top lipstick shades. 

I think the most common choice for us ladies is the Classic red lip. If your new to the red lip new years eve is a great opportunity to try something new. If your a red lipstick veteran then rock away! 
Some of my favourite reds are YSL Luscious Cherry. Luscious Cherry is a great sheer lipstick which is perfect for red beginners (or just sheer lipstick lovers). However my all time favourite red is Chanel Gabrielle. Surprise surprise!!! I have a whole post devoted to this being my favourite holiday red here

The No-Lipstick Lip 
Also known as the better then your lip, lipstick. This choice is great for those who might be doing some late night kissing. If you don't fall into that "kissing" category fear not because this is ideal for who crave something hassle free. How to achieve this stress free lip you ask... the answer is not lipstick. I am cheating on this one by saying lip liner is the answer! 
The lip liner of choice is the Rimmel Exaggerate and the colour of choice is East End Snob. Personally I find East End Snob that perfect nudish-pink lip colour that really works with my skin tone. If East End Snob doesn't work with you Rimmel has a ton of nude shades to choose from. While I don't find these lip liners drying in the slightest, I do recommend caring a lip balm just to ensure your lips look as smooth as possible.  

The Lipstick Colour We Love, yet Fear!
I can't stress this enough but New Years eve is perfect night to experiment with make up. 
And I know we all have those lipsticks lingering in our stash that we don't get around to wearing. For me it's the super bright coral by MAC's Watch Me Simmer. While I love the colour and the formula, I can honestly say I am intimidated by how bright it is. 
For some of us this might be deep burgundy's, hot pinks or shimmery nudes. What ever is your feared lipstick colour is New Years Eve is a great night to have fun with makeup. 
So there you have it people my top reccomendations for your New Years lip. Whatever lip you choose I hope you have fun picking the perfect shade and a fantastic New Years Eve. 


  1. Pretty picks! Can't argue with Luscious Cherry- one of my faves as well! xo


    1. Thanks Jen hope you have a great night!

  2. I agree, a bright daring lip color is always a great start for the new year ;) I'm really digging that MAC shade!

  3. Fab picks, that Mac shade is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Its definitely a unique one in my collection.