Sunday, December 28, 2014

Guerlain Holiday Look

From there dreamy finishing powders to there ultra luxe lipsticks when it comes to luxury cosmetics Guerlain sure knows what they are doing. Yes I admit with luxury comes a heavy price tag so for me Guerlain is always a treat that I like to spurge on during the holiday season. Since it's the holiday season is here I did a little shopping! Which brings me the the Holiday Look Trio set. 
I am so excited about this because Guerlain doesn't do makeup sets often, especially ones that might save you money. The Holiday Look set features the brand new KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour, a nail polish and a sample sized mascara. While all three products are excellent the set saves you $13.00 plus you get a free sample mascara. Win, win right?

The polish Rouge D'Eenfer is creamy and pigmented. This formula delivered through a effective wide shaped brush, which allows of easy application. As for the colour, this is the perfect classic red that compliments just about any look. 

Being a huge fan of Guerlain Lipsticks the real star in this show is the brand new KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour. This brand new formula moisturizes lips with mango butter while still remains to be long wearing. The moist intriguing part was the addition of one of my favourite cosmetic ingredients hyaluronic acid. These hydration spheres help to not only combat dehydration but they also do a great job at plumping too. The colour again it's that amazing classic red, which suits the polish spot on. 

The final bonus gift is mascara. This generously sized Maxi Lash mini is really really good! For a couple of years I was on a drugstore mascara kick, but this volumizing formula is seriously making me rethink my drugstore decisions. To make matters even more enchanting this mascara smells like roses yet doesn't irritate the eyes in the slightest. 

This set retails for $58.00, which is a great value for three wonderful products in my option. Also, because all three products are such classics staples this would be a great addition to any beauty lovers collection. I bought this from Shoppers Drugmart but I've also seen this on
Well I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are enjoying your Holidays. 
What are some of your favourite holiday gift sets this year?


  1. Ooh, looks like a perfect festive set! Love those tones of red-orange :)


  2. Yeah, I've noticed that Guerlain mascaras have perfume in them and it's like, really? Is that REALLY necessary? UGh anyway! Gorgeous little trio! Guerlain never fails to make my heart flutter ;)