Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Beauty Pharmacy

I feel like my life long goal is to inject beauty into peoples lives. So to my fiancé, my father and my fellow male co-works I am sorry for constantly telling you to cleanse, scrub and moisturize, but trust me your skin will thank me for it. 3-step skincare regiments aside there are "beauty" products that I  think every home should have. These are the beauty products belong sandwiched next to a bottle of Advil and a packaging of anti-acids. This people is my beauty pharmacy...

Aveda Active Composition Oil
Last year I went snowboarding. Now to put this into perspective I am not an active person so by the end of day 1 I was sore, but the end of day 4 I couldn't move. Whole heartedly the only thing that got me walking every morning was this oil. With a couple of drops into a hot bath my muscle pain was eliminated.... yes eliminated! And naturally I might add too.
Active composition oil can also be used for arthritis pain, headaches, colds or for general relaxation plus it smells nice too.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
I would say keep this in your pharmacy but truth be told this always lands in my purse. The cult cream aids to calm, protect and hydrate. You can use this as lip balm, on eczema, on burns, on bug bites, on cuticles, on cracked elbows and heals. People have even said this has helped there eyelashes and nails grow and there eczema disappear too. The list is endless! You can use this as a hydration mask and to tame hair frizz too! If you needed an SOS product for everything you can’t go wrong with a tube of 8 Hour Cream.
You can read my whole review here.

Avène Xera Calm A.D Lipid Replenishing Balm
Never put a hyper synthetic vanilla body cream on sunburns or eczema because it makes matters worse. Trust me! Skin irritations happen to all of use, commonly this can be triggered by dry weather, allergic reactions or stress. Having a handy soothing cream that is suitable for even the most fragile skin will not do you harm.  
My favorite is the Avène Replenishing Balm. This thick moisturizer is one part hydrating and one part soothing. I personally love using this to sooth my eczema prone skin but it is also fantastic at comforting and healing sunburns too. Basically it comes down to this is a really good SOS product to keep for any sort of skin irritation. Unlike most creams this can be used on adults, children and infants so it’s perfect for every member of your family!
*as a side note I have recommended this to friends and family and they all swear by this miracle cream

What are some of your beauty pharmacy products? Leave me a comment! 

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