Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Pallet

Being a bad-ass to some might be shoplifting or speeding… to be honest I don’t really know what badass people do.  Drive motorcycles? Wear leather? I don’t know.  I can tell you this bad-ass beauty blogger might have asked for a brand new blush pallet for her birthday even thou she didn’t need more blush. I know what you’re thinking I live a life filled with danger. I am going to get real hazardous to your savings with this review so brace yourself.

The Blush Ambient Lighting Blush Pallet contains three blushes, Luminous Flush ”champagne rose”, Mood Exposure “soft plum” and the limited edition Incandescent Electra “cool peach”. The three blushes are not full sized, but in terms of quantity per pallet you definitely get your money’s worth.
As far as packaging goes this solid compact with big mirror making and a sturdy snap closure is to my liking. It doesn't feel cheap and the rose gold metallic finish looks really pretty too.

Despite the hype I held out on the Hourglass Ambient blush for a long time. Partially because I don’t go into Sephora often and let’s be frank here another part of me knows I don’t need any more blush. Also despite all the positive reviews I thought Ambient Light blushes were just an expensive copy of rather patchy, dry MAC’s Mineralized blushes. 

 I couldn’t have been more wrong
All three of these blushes are buttery. They are so buttery that they almost mystically melt into your skin, leaving you with a natural finish. Honestly I have never met blush that was so pigmented yet so easy to blend in my life! 
As far as finish goes all three shades are luminous. By luminous I mean they give the impression of perky cheek bones but without added frost or glitter. So while these might not look natural in the pan they really are quite convincing on the cheek.
Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes wear long but these wear longer. I think where most blushes
I started off as a skeptic but after 3 weeks of use I can fairly say these are some of the best blushes if not the best blush in my collection.  The only problem is now I have to resist the urge and tell my bad-ass self not to buy more.
Well maybe one more wouldn’t hurt... there is no taming this bad-ass blush addict!


  1. This is just beautiful palette and it is definitely going on my Christmas list. I have had these blushes on my wish list for ages now so it's great that they have brought out a palette x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I know! I personally never finish a full size product so I love minis there an excellent bang for the buck!

  2. Okokokokok, I need this! This and the powder palette... Christmas maybe haha?

  3. Ah, I bought this yesterday in the sale and felt pretty badass myself ;) Glad you were able to snag this and that you're loving it! I also have Diffused Heat and Radiant Magenta and love both :)


    1. LOL blush does some bad ass things so us!
      I need to check out Radiant Magenta it looks stunning.