Sunday, August 24, 2014

Round Two

Like anyone there are products that I don’t like. For the most part I am happy to see these leave my collection never to be repurchased again.  Then there are the couple that sneak their way back in wanting to be tried again. Here are the products that are getting the round two of testing.
My skin hated this and I hated this. This felt like fire on my skin but then I thought to myself maybe I am a simply a wimp. Everyone goes on about this, am I overlooking the benefits?
 It’s hard to see with tears in your eyes… just kidding.
My skin is a little tougher in the summer so we shall see if this is all what it’s hyped up to be.  

EOS Lip Balms
They are cute, smell good, taste good, have hygienic packaging and there ingredient list is quite impressive. So what’s not to like? I hate the hard texture of these. I feel like I can be applying this for 10 min straight but my lips never feel like they should be getting the hydration they need.
However my mom is a huge fan of these, then I saw the cute new packaging and then I found it was coconut.
Maybe it’s just a case of the top layer is hard? I plan on giving this a good test to find out.

Essie Good to Go
I remember in terms of quick drying this top coat was awesome. However, I don’t remember if I loved this or if I hated it? My favorite top coat was sold out and I needed one so I thought “what the heck”.
Spoiler alert I tried this once and I was disappointed. My nail polish peeled like crazy; maybe it was because I was bored? More testing required!

Do you ever retry products? If so did anything surprise you?
Leave me a comment I would love to hear your thought. 


  1. I actually quite liked Good To Go, although mine was a mini one which glooped up quickly x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

    1. I have been meaning to paint my nails all for the past 4 days.
      Tonight I will give this one a go! :)

  2. Shame to hear you didn't get on with these. I find myself giving things more than one go all the time, you've got to give products a proper try don't you! :)