Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Favourite Lip Balms

I am a lip balm junkie. I love trying drugstore brands, Sephora brands, french brands, Korean brands… I just love trying it all. I suppose my liking for lip balm started with lip smackers which were highly collectible. If you were a kid in the 90’s I’m sure you were faced with a similar obsession. These days I am quite finicky with lip balms, I expect intense hydration, impressive list of ingredients, great scent/taste and to overall make my lips feel nice. So here is my list of favorite lips balms (which are constantly changing too). 

Blistex Lip Medex
I love how minty fresh this feels! Not only does the minty tingle tickle my fancy (that sounded weird and slightly sexual). But in all seriousness this is my hands down most used product ever! I love the minty tingle and I love the hydration, I love Blistex Lip Medex!
Damaged or dry lips? Or just love minty lip products?  Give this a whirl.

NUXE Reve De Miel
This is my before bed lip balm. Reve De Miel is rather nourishing and quite thick. Actually the texture is very unique because on one hand it feels gritty, which doesn’t sound pleasant but in reality it’s really nice. It’s sort of exfoliating but also very hydrating… totally different than anything I’ve ever had or tried. I am always in total loss of words when it comes this balm but it one of the best I’ve ever tried good.

Nivea Pure & Natural in Milk & Honey
I bought this for $1.98 which makes it the less expensive lip balm on this list. For me the Nivea Milk & Honey is a drug store staple and I like to have one of these floating in my car or on my desk at all times. Why? You ask … It’s the prefect basic no bullshit lip balm. While the Nivea might not promise as much as others it does hydrate extremely well. If you are looking for an simple but effective lip balm you must try this.
Did I mention this has a better list of ingredients then most high end lip balms? It’s also free of preservatives, parabens and silicone's.

What are some of your favourite lip balms? Leave me a comment I would love to hear your recommendations. 


  1. Great picks! The Nuxe Reve de Miel is the best nighttime lip balm, and I love the Nivew Pure & Natural.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Can't go wrong with the Pure & Natural.
      Sometimes I wish I tried more scents however I love the Honey & Milk one so much I never do.

  2. I really want to try Blistex Lip Medex alot of people talk about it x