Sunday, August 17, 2014

Double Mask Sundays

The secret to good healthy skin is a consistent skincare routine, but then life happens. Between, traveling, having hectic weeks at work to oh yeah and moving I have neglected my skin. So finally having a day to do a little Sunday pampering I thought it would be a good day to do a double mask.

GlamGlo Supermud Clearing Treatment
So I wasn't a big fan of the Youthmud to say the least. Not because it didn't leave me with great results but because it way to too much tingle for my liking. So I decided to splurge on the clearing treatment. After reading so many reviews it seemed less painful and still good for sensitive skin. I don't have oily skin per say but even my dry skin can get blemishes. Because of the added stress and hot weather my skin has been breaking out like crazy so I thought this would be good to add to my skincare arsenal.

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask
Part 2 of todays at home spa experience is the Soothing Moisture Mask. I was sent this mask by Avene and in all honesty back-up already purchased I will not be without. Sunburns, angry skin, sensitive skin and even when I have a nasty bump this masks instantly soothes and makes everything better. This contains Avene's "thermal waters"and safflower oil which act together to nourish and sooth. If I was to compare the two I would say the Supermud is the hardcore exercise and Avene's Soothing Moisture tranquil bath afterwards. 

I do plan on painting my nails tonight I have yet to whip out that Christian Louboutin nail polish so I am pretty excited to do so.
What are some of your favorite masks, leave me a comment! 


  1. I love face masks, I would like to try these two. Great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment :)
      More testing on the supermud but the Avene is a solid option for any skin type.

  2. What a nice combo! It's a great idea to follow a deep cleansing mask with some hydration and the Avene mask sounds lovely :)