Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diptyque Candles

It feels like the whole world has a soft spot for Diptyque candles. Fashion editors love them,  the beauty world seems to be nuts about them and I've even seen them in rap music videos. However for myself I had a hard time forking up the money and purchasing one. It wasn’t until  before moving I thought to myself “you know what this would be a cute little treat”

Basically, I think these candles are the ultimate luxury. They look beautiful, they burn nicely and they smell like a high end perfume. Right down to the packaging, Diptyque know how to do luxury and they do it extremely well.
Rosa Mundi smells like real fresh roses, there is no trace of synthetic heavy weirdness instead this smells like a well-crafted artisan perfume. Simple… yet complex.
I have strategically placed this in my bedroom and even when this candle isn’t burning it leaves the room with the mild scent of fresh rose. More importantly I love falling asleep while getting the soft whiff of Rose Mundi it’s thoroughly something I look forward to every night.

 Would I consider myself a frequent buyer absolutely not, however I wish I could be. I think there is a time and place when to have these little indulgences like birthdays or Holidays like Christmas. If you are into candles, Diptyque are among some of the best I’ve ever tried. 
If you are looking for a treat Diptyque are a perfect indulgence. 
Would I repurchase? absolutely! 

Have you tried Diptyque? What are your favourite scents? 
Leave me a comment! 


  1. Wow! I just went on the website and those are some expensive candles! I have never heard of this until now! They look very pretty though.

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com

    1. They are very very beautiful.
      Expensive yes but a treat well worth it.

  2. Ah, I've been so tempted by Diptyque candles! So luxurious. I've smelled this rose version and it's lovely :)



    1. October is my birthday and I'm already thinking maybe I thought get one for fall.
      They throw scent like crazy!

  3. Hi Tanya,
    Feu de Bois is my husband's favorite so it's the only one I've ever smelled. But it's such a nice fragrance and the candle burns so nicely. Agreed about the "wouldn't it be nice if" thoughts about buying them all time. Ha ha!


    1. I think I need to try Feu de Bois!
      Maybe it will have to be my fall/winter treat :)
      thanks for visiting.