Saturday, July 26, 2014

What is in my shower?

I keep way too many products in my shower. Honestly between starting 3 different body washes to having a slew of samples kicking around, things tend to get hectic pretty quick.  However I have turned a new leaf! I am making an effort to finish up one product at a time and keep things to the ‘minimum’.
So what is in my shower you ask, come have look?

Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk
Klorane has been a brand for years I have only known through their famous dry shampoo. Earlier this year I was contacted by Klorane to try out a few of their products and I have fallen head over heels. There products works wonders, there ingredients are top notch and there prices are really affordable. Newly (kind of) purchased and well-loved is the Klorane Shampoo with Oat Milk. The Oat Milk formula is gentle enough for those who wash their hair every day.
Yes, I am guilty of washing my hair everyday especially in the summer!
While it is very gentle it still does a great job of cleaning hair thoroughly all while leaving my hair super soft.

Joico Smooth Cure Conditioner
This conditioner I find way too rich for my hair. Feeling to guilty to throw it out I just add dot to the ends of my hair then work the product upwards. It seems to work well but if for whatever reason I add more than needed my hair turns greasy. Would I repurchase this nope, it really doesn’t work for my hair.

Philosophy Margarita 3 in 1
Summer for me isn’t the same without this! Every year I go back to this because the scent alone smells fresh yet sweet and linger with you. Not to mention Philosophy’s 3-in-1’s are an excellent just in general.
Fear not this doesn’t smell boozy in the slightest.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
When I worked in cosmetics people would go bonkers for this. Why you ask? Because this very lathery cleanser takes off all your makeup yet it doesn’t make you skin feel stripped. Clarins does it right with this gel let me tell you, its effective, has a great list of ingredients and cost’s less than $20.00. I wrote a whole review you can check out here!

THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Cleansing Butter
I got on the double cleanse trend and oh boy my skin has never looked so good.  THEFACESHOP’s Mango Seed Butter Cleanser is an excellent product that adds a boost of hydration and melts off makeup at the same time. If you were interested in the whole double cleanse trend this is a great product to try.

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub
I talked about things to a minimum but here is where I go a little nuts ….
Exfoliators. I use this exfoliator I would say 85 % of the time. I like that it’s a gel I find it very easy to apply and while it is gritty its not to abrasive.

Clarins Gentle Refiner
This Clarins option is gentle too but a little grittier then the Avene.  I love this on days where I feel like I need a deeper clean. Out of the two I can’t say I have a favorite both are gentle yet they are like day and night. You can see my thoughts and a more detailed review on both here too. 

Soap and Glory Scrub Actually 
This is a really really good body scrub. It’s really scrubby, smells like fruity goodness, feels slightly warm on the skin and it’s not in a darn pot! I have made a vow and sworn off all potted shower products for a while.


  1. So many fun, refreshing products! I really need more Soap & Glory and Klorane in my life! xo