Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Body Dream Team

I am not the kind of girl to mix beauty products together. Actually I pride myself on using no fuss products that are easy to use, but also work well.  But every now and then there are products that work so well together that the extra effort is totally worth the results.  Let’s talk about my moisturizing dream team shall we?

I always have a rotation of two body “moisturizers” on hand.  The first moisturizer is my everyday basic body lotion/cream. The second moisturizer is always an oil which I use on days my skin needs extra hydration.  Basic and easy routine, right?

Things got crazy the other week… this post is turning into a ramble!
Basically things got crazy when I noticed my dry skin on my arm needed extra love and mixed The Body Shops Shea Body Butter with the NUXE Oil Prodigieuse together. While the both work well alone, holy crap there was a noticeable difference using them combined.

 Lets just take a moment and talk about the scent both of these products smell freaken amazing. But together honestly its an out of this world experience. I would describe the two combined as relaxing yet warm. Kind of like shea butter meets vanilla and kind of floral too. Yet the scent is not over powering in the slightest. Makes me wish that was a perfume it works so well. 

The true beauty about this dream team is the hydration. I've never tried anything that came close to moisturizing like this. Both products have amazing ingredients so theres no surprise when combined results are astonishing. I do have to admit application isn't that strenuous either... even for my lazy girl approach to makeup.  All I do is add a few drops of the oil to a handful of Shea Butter and apply. 

So while I love easy one step products I do have to say that sometimes maybe the more steps the better... at least in the body dream team scenario anyway.    
Hmmm... I wonder was other great oil, body moisturizer combinations there are? 

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful combo! I love Body Butters and that Nuxe oil has been on my wishlist for ages :)