Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Office Essentials

 In a perfect world I would have fresh flowers on my desk daily, only drink cinnamon dolce lattes and only use colour coordinated stationary. In reality my desk is more practical then glamorous. To make my desk fit for a beauty addict but without being too feminine here are my office essentials.

Body Lotion
I don’t know about you but offices, schools and most work spaces are crazy dry. To combat the dryness I always keep some sort of lotion kicking around. One of my favorites among them all is the Philosophy Body lotion. While these boast hydration super ingredients like macadamia nut oil and olive oil I find these to be completely non-greasy. The one I have the Mango’s & Cream go right now smells absolutely summery and delicious.

Hand Sanitizer

I am not a germaphobe any means but… you know when you shake someone’s hand and it’s sweaty? Well let’s just say having some hand sanitizer close by can’t hurt. I always use the Bath and Body Works PocketBac’s they come in a ton of great scents and I find they are moisturizing too.

I don’t bath in perfume at work but I do enjoy a quick spritz after lunch. I usually keep a couple of samples floating in one of my drawers or a perfume mini. I love patchouli and heavy rose fragrances but I avoid spraying these during work. Instead I opt for “crowed pleaser” fragrances like the somewhat clean, somewhat flowery and always very pleasant Philosophy Amazing Grace.

Lip Product
Putting on lipstick and waiting on hold go together like cookies and milk. I always have a lip product floating somewhere around my desk. Usually it’s a lip balm but this time it happens to be the Lip Fusion double ended lip plumping thing. Both sides of this lip set are moisturizing and leave you with that minty tingle.  The Lip Fusion XL side makes my lips look so amazingly shiny it’s crazy.

Yes, this is non-beauty but yes, it’s essential. I like deferent teas so I always like to have a few varieties at my desk. In the mornings I like black tea (after my coffee of course) and after lunch I really like something fruity or with mint in it. If I’m stressed, grumpy or angry there is nothing hot mint tea can’t fix.

Honourable mentions…
Glass mug- this might be my old lady personality shining through, but everything tastes better from a glass mug
Glass Water Bottle – same as above
Hand Cream- Which is more of a purse must have but I use it every day at work so I thought I should include it in.

On days where I get crazy you might be able to find a lipstick or two on my desk too!

What are your office essentials leave me a comment!


  1. I make sure to always bring hand cream since my hands tend to always feel dry due to our workplace's airconditioning.


    1. Same! And if the air conditioning isn't on its the heat that drys out my hands too!
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Great picks, Tanya! That mango body lotion sounds lovely :)



    1. Thanks!!!
      I think they might have the at The Bay :)