Sunday, June 15, 2014

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

NARS Sheer Glow is such a favourite among bloggers. But this non-sheer and kind of glowy foundation puzzles me.

I have had two bottles of Sheer Glow sitting in my collection for a while now. After breaking one of the lids I came to the conclusion that for me to use this I need a pump. Dramatic Tanya you say? Perhaps, but I feared leaks in my makeup bag so I just took the dive and got the lid. On a side note, why doesn’t this foundation come with a lid? For $55.00 I personally think it should.

As for the actually foundation Sheer Glow is not really sheer but more of a medium to full coverage foundation. As for the Glow factor it is definitely something you don’t notice off the bat, but in a couple of hours it transforms you skin into such a healthy looking finish. It’s truthfully incredible!

There is a darker side to Nars Sheer Glow ladies. 9 times out of 10 this looks beautiful, but then there’s that dang 1 time! If my skin isn’t hydrated NARS Sheer Glow can sit on dry patches of skin. Which makes the overall impression look somewhat cakey in places yet luminous in others. The harsh contrast between the two can make one look a little ill.

Should you buy it?
Well if you have oily or combination skin yes, the color range is amazing and so is the finish. Just keep in mind there is no pump! As for my dry skin sisters I can’t stress this enough use a good moisturizer before application or even better try this on before purchasing.

So while I will be finishing these bottles of Sheer Glow I think there are better stress free options that better suit my skin.


  1. Nice review! I've sampled Sheer Glow in the past, due to all the raves out there, but it just didn't get on with my skin!


    1. Same I always feel like I'm waiting for dry patches to appear with this one.
      Its a foundation that I feel like I have to baby ...

  2. I have pretty normal skin...but I get dry patches every now and then! The whole ¨sheer glow¨ thing makes it sound perfect, but I guess I should skip! Thanks for the review (I was tired of hearing the same rave reviews with very little information lol)

    1. When the foundation looks good its like holy wow my skin looks amazing.
      But then theres that one time a week where this just looks horrible on.
      I've never been so on the fence about a product ever!
      Thanks for visiting :)

  3. I sold my bottle of this, I couldn't get it to work for me x