Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Orange you glad you said orange?

I had a moment in the shower the other day when I looked down and realized everything had orange in it. Crazy, you ask? Slightly. However, while applying my makeup I was encountered with the same orange recognition. So why orange you ask? Makeup wise orange is a fun summer color. With that being said staying true to my low-key style I prefer a sheer wash of color then the oblivious bright orange.
Body and bath care wise, none of this smells like orange… it was just luck that everything had orange packaging.
So in the spirit of the warming weather and the orange makeup trend here are quick little reviews of what I have floating in my shower and makeup bag. 

K-Pak Smooth Control
 I like smoothing out my tangley hair but this is a whole other level. Bottom line is these two make my hair greasy. With that being said they smell good, but way too heavy for me.

Sanctuary Spa Goodies
I have loved my Sanctuary Spa goodies. The sent is beautiful and reminds me of my college years. I have a mini shower gel, body butter and scrub on the go. I am happy to report all three are great. They body butter nice and light I think it would be perfect for summer. I still have so many questions about this line thou, is the whole line going to be sold at shoppers? Is the body oil coming back? So many questions and yet such tiny bottles!

Kalinka Blush in East Side Story
Go to your drugstore and search online because this blush is amazing! This pigmented peach with a slight shimmer is a knock out. This has to be one of the most pigmented yet bendable blushes I’ve ever tried. The packaging is a little young but for 3.99 I have come to terms and let my inner schoolgirl show. If you can still get a hold of this pick it up its fantastic! 

It’s like NARS blush quality good. 
Really really good stuff.

Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer
Tons of people swear by this concealer. I am undetermined yes it is a great price, fairly opaque and doesn’t cake up but I always have to pair this with my Bobbi Brown Corrector.
Mind you there isn’t a concealer I’ve tried that I didn’t need some Bobbi Brown love.
Would I buy again yes, but am I still on the hunt for my perfect concealer yes.

Chanel Coco Shine in Flirt

I love coral and bright tangerine lipsticks but honestly it’s not something reach for often. A perfect tint of coral is Chanel Flirt because while it looks coral in the tube transferred to my lips it gives that subtitle coral orangey tint. Like the rest of the Coco Shines I’ve tried the formula is a moisturizing and lightweight. If you’re a lip balm kind of girl and you want to get into lipsticks you will love these.


  1. I'm such a sucker for coral and orange-toned makeup! Chanel Flirt sounds like something I definitely need to check out :)



  2. I love the packaging for the blush! It does seem like orange is everywhere right now.


  3. ooooh my goodness that lipstick and blusher!!! neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!