Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beauty Essentials... for a Zombie Apocalypse

It never fails after The Walking Dead we have weekly a hypothetical conversation of what we would do during a Zombie Apocalypse.  The real question thou to any beauty addict would be what beauty products we would bring. So here are my top picks to looking fresh during a zombie catastrophe.

Judged on books, movies and TV shows I think that the zombie apocalypse would be stinky. To combat the stench a perfume is needed. Stella McCartney’s mini Stella Nude is a very light fresh rose scent. What really makes it great is the portability not only is the bottle compact but the glass is thick enough it doesn’t feel like it will break.

Hand Sanitizer
I keep hand sanitizer on me all the time. In the post-apocalyptic world where dead gross creatures are living there is no exception to my hand sanitizer rule. 
Have you seen the dirt on the characters in The Walking Dead, imagine cooking … yuck

Avene Cold Cream
I have eczema and I don’t want burning, itching, dry or scaling skin ever. To avoid getting confused with a zombie I would pack my Avene Cold Cream. Plus, it’s small, good for dry skin and soothing which makes it perfect for skin irritations.

Lip Balm
So lip balms in pots are completely unhygienic during zombie situations so farewell Reve De Miel your perfect potted lip balm is not needed. Here’s the thing with lip balm, I love so many that come in pots and I love my Avene Cold Cream Balm. However the Cold Cream lip balm has a slight sparkle to it, which makes is amazing for normal life but for zombie world it might be a little … overdone.
So I would have to say I would take the Clarins Lip Balm with me. Its super natural, ultra hydrating and the thin tube makes is very travel friendly. Plus, it has the added bonus of tasting really good too, so if I ever got hungry I would be happy eating it.

What about concealer and mascara you ask? Well it’s the zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t want to go overboard!

Feel free to leave a comment I would love to know what your essentials are.
If you are watching the season finale of The Walking Dead tonight enjoy.

If not your probably think I’m very crazy at this point!


  1. Haha, cute post! Yeah, the addition of hand sanitizer would be a must- and I really do need to try that Clarins lip balm :)


    1. I'm glad you found this entertaining, that for the comment :)