Thursday, February 6, 2014

Think Pink

Tis the season of love! February is here and Valentines Day is around the corner.
Which means if you’re a beauty junkie like me you like matching your makeup to upcoming Holiday’s. If you’re not a beauty junkie pinks an easy color to wear so not to worry. 

Pink Eye Shadow
Hot pinks can be hard to work with and to be honest my makeup skills at 6:00am rely on easy slap on your face looks. The easiest product to achieve this fresh romantic look is Rose Tulle base by Shiseido. Rose Tulle is a light pink with subtle shimmer running through it. I’ve worn the heck out of mine and I can honestly say it’s never creased.
I love this color it looks stunning alone.

Pink Lipstick
Goodness there is tons out there! One that is a simple go to is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Confidence. It’s not too dark, it’s not too light, it has some shimmer but feels like a balm. I don’t need a mirror to apply it either, which I really like. 
Revlon’s Lip Butters have a ton of cute shades too! One of my favorites is Sweet Tart.

Pink Gloss
LancĂ´me’s Gloss In Love in Pink Carat has stunning, breathtaking, jaw dropping pink glitter in it. The best part is it doesn’t feel gritty on your lips. I love this color alone but it looks stunning layered on top of lipstick too.

Pink Blush
Pink blush just magically awakens the face. A great drug store find and a favorite is the ELF blush in Tickled Pink. This blush has great pigmentation and a great color to wear everyday. Honestly I am shocked how well ELF blushes perform. Ticked Pink unparticular the rivals any department store pink blush.

Pink Nail Polish
I hate pink nail polish. I have no idea why, but it just looks strange on my fingers. Emprise on the other hand looks a little peach-esh, which makes it so much more wearable then the other pink offerings out there. There’s also a lovely white shimmer that run’s through this which is really pretty too.

There you have it a whole pink toned makeup look!

As a tip I would recommend you switch up different shades of pink, or the whole look might look a little scary. But then again, makeup is suppose to be fun so play around with what you have.


  1. Lovely picks! That cream shadow looks super pretty and you can't go wrong with goodies from Chanel :)


    1. I have such a soft spot for Chanel makeup.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Where do you find your ELF products?
    Tied Target, Walmart, Shoppers and Winners.....any tips?

    1. Target in Buffalo is where I get mine.
      Pain in the butt to get to but everything I've tried from ELF has been overall really good.
      Or you can order it online.

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! That gloss is stunning! Lancome always makes really stunning colors, so I'm not too surprised!

    Great recommendations!