Thursday, February 20, 2014

Product’s I WILL Use Up

While fashionistas have dresses with tags on them us beauty aficionados have product we love but don’t use. These are the products that sit in your collection and it isn’t until you run into them months after you ask your self ‘why haven’t I used this yet’?

So here are my products not that I want to use, but that I will use.

MAC Modern Pewter Extra Dimension Eye Shadow
In all honesty I gravitate toward pallets in the morning. Which means a lot of my single MAC eye shadows go unloved. Modern Pewter is a prime example of this! The color is a stunning cool gold, with silver and green undertones. The pigmentation of this is incredible and the color is distinctive but wearable I have no idea why this has sat in my collection for so long.

Guerlain’s Mineral Bronzing Powder
It’s the perfect color for my pale skin and blends in effortlessly. Why don’t I use this?
I think the black container blends into where I store my makeup so I always forget it’s there. But I am now using this and loving this!
BECCA Eye Tint in Lapis
Lapis is a purple grey color, which looks very neutral with a touch of color. Very flattering if you ask me! BECCA’s eye tints are just that they are a sheer wash of color. I have ever had creasing issues with this product and it lasts all day. Why don’t I wear this every day, no idea.
Chanel’s Coco Shine in Aventure
This is one of my favorite pinks, which I have blogged about on numerous occasions. I have no idea how this always ends up being put away. This stunning color is pink with golden mirco-glitter. While it looks like a gloss on the lip it actually feels more like a lip balm. I love the formula of the Rouge Coco Shines; I’m not sure how this one got left in the dark.

I hate when products you love don’t get used.

If you have product’s that you love that you just forget/misplace/blends into your makeup area and can’t find, leave a comment below.

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  1. Lovely picks! I'm nearly finished a Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure! I keep it in my desk drawer at work and have been wearing it all the time! xo