Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adventures with NUXE

My adventure truly starts with the Reve De Meil. This cult classic lip balm was a discovery I made last year. Which was first brought to my attention by the fairy godmother of makeup, the incredible, Lisa Eldridge. Later my purchase was confirmed when I saw everyone talking about this miracle product. So I gave in and bought a pot of these for myself and fell in love. Without adding any shine or slime to the lips this nourishes the lips amazingly.
While doing a little research on this I found out this was in fact tested in harsh Canadian winters. I’m no test subject but with the polar vortex, ice storms and cold weather this has never done my lips wrong.

Because I loved this lip balm is peaked my curiosity to explore more of NUXE. So my adventure begins…

In a nutshell, NUXE is a French skincare brand that is based on nature. Many of their products hold patented formulas, all are made to smell and feel amazing and the brad focuses on being affordable yet effective. What’s not to love?

My next journey into the brand was using the Merveillance Serum and Moisturizer. Both of these product’s work against soothing fine lines and plumping up the skin. Yes, I don’t have many wrinkles but when I read these both contain hyaluronic acid I knew it would out well for my skin. After using both of these I can tell you it does a great job and hydrating my dry skin. Both smell like mimosa and it’s been a pleasure using them over the winter months.

Comfort Cleansing Milk with Rose smells absolutely divine, feels soothing and hydrating. However to be honest with you I wish it removed my eye makeup a little better. Personally I love a cleanser that is a one-stop shop, cleanser and makeup remover while still being hydrating and soothing. So while I don’t hate this I can’t say it’s my favorite cleanser ever.

My final stop (for now) on this NUXE voyage was the infamous Huile Prodigieuse. This smells like heaven and feels amazing on the skin. While some oils leave you greasy this one dries instantly. In addition if you use this on your hair the results are smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair. Now NUXE’s website recommend’s you use this on your face. The treatment they suggest is adding ten drops into the palm of your hand and messaging it into your face. I haven’t tried this on my face yet but this treatment seems like a good place to start.

Overall my experiences with NUXE have been amazing. The scent, packaging and quality of these products are incredible. While some might not be my favorites I have found new holy grails that I can’t live without, like the lip balm and the Huile Prodigieuse.
Did you know there’s a Reve De Miel moisturizer and hand cream?
These might have to be in the part two of this NUXE adventure.

I would love to hear your thoughts of NUXE so feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. I love NUXE products, I also started of with the lip balm and then tried a few other things. I am currently loving my eye cream from them. The oil looks really good too, might try that one next!!


    1. Thanks for the comment the Oil is beautiful!

  2. I have only Huile Prodigieuse, but I like it quite a lot :D I want to buy the lip balm in a pot, as I have heard so many good things about it :D


  3. Haha, Lisa Eldridge really is the fairy godmother of makeup! Nuxe is such a beautiful line- have been wanting to try their body oil for a while now. Great roundup! xo



    1. LOL I'm glad you liked that.
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. I love Reve de Miel, and I have dabbled in their skincare. But I admit I have yet to try Huile Prodigieuse, I need to get on that!