Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cozy Weekend Scents

It’s the middle of winter; you’re at home relaxing, maybe in your pajamas drinking a tea and re watching Game of Thrones. I don’t know? All I’m trying to say is there are places to smell like a ‘lady of the evening’, there are places to smell like a sugar cookie but on a day like today I just want to smell cozy. So girls put that bottle of Brittany Spears down and read my favorite perfume’s to relax with.

Philosophy Inner Grace
Inner Grace smells like lavender, clean bed sheets and white musk. There’s something instantly warm and soothing about this fragrance. If Baby Bed Time Bath had an older perfume mother this would be her. The first thing you will notice about this is the high alcohol content followed by a mellow lavender scent. Don’t be alarmed the boozey undertone goes away in a few seconds. After that you enter the white musk roller coaster, except it’s not like a heart pounding roller coaster it’s laid back kiddy ride. In the back seat there’s Baby bedtime bath saying “hey”.
At this point this explanation is getting too weird so I will leave you this it smells like a relaxing weekend in bed.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her
For Her is a your skin but better scent. It’s classy, subtle, charming without being overdone. This perfume features notes of white musk and white floral’s. While Inner Grace is something you would wear to relax in bed with, Her is deferent. The kind of women who would wear this would own 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, burn Dyptique candles and only wear the best cashmere pajamas. While I don’t own any of the three this perfume makes me feel like I could.

While during the week I love wearing sweet or sometimes spicy fragrances, it’s nice to switch it up during the weekends. Now the only thing missing is the fancy bed sheets, expensive candles and a pair of luxury pajamas. Oh yeah and a bottle of baby bed time bath saying “hey”.

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  1. Nice picks! Both of those scents sound lovely for wintertime and tea and Game of Thrones sounds like the perfect snowy Saturday :)