Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 MAC Must Haves

I have not bought any MAC products in a year. What really drove me bananas was the constant flow of limited edition products. Don’t get me wrong I love the collections but I hate that every time I fall in love with a product it leaves me high and dry when its discounted shortly after. It almost makes me feel guilty for using the products I love so much.
This story gets brighter trust me…
So while going through my collection I realized there are a ton of permanent products from MAC that I love! With that in mind this post was born… ladies here are 5 awesome products that are permanent at MAC.

Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
I always avoided powders, because they emphasis dry areas in my skin.  On the other hand I always wanted a powder because they take seconds to buff on with a kabuki brush. So I was in a dilemma to say the least. I’m not sure what lead me to this powder but holy does this ever look beautiful, even on my dry skin. I would describe this powder as light to medium coverage, with a natural finish. Which is great because you can use it as a finishing powder or a quick powder foundation. Since I bought this I have probably gone through 5 of these and will continue to purchase in the future.

Mac Fluid Line in Black Track
I can’t do a cat liner with out this!
This is the blackest, most opaque, non-shiny, non-flakey gel liner ever (well in my opinion). If you love gel eyeliner try out the fluid line it’s definitely worth the hype.

Blush in Springsheen
I have bloggers regret when I didn’t mention this color in my blush week, because it has to be one of my favorites. Springsheen is a beautiful coral with tons of gold shimmer running through it. It’s very similar to orgasm but swings a bit more orange. Basically its one of those colors that instantly brightens up your face … pure magic.

Mac Painterly 
Mac Painterly is a cream base that neutralizes the crazy colours that happen on your eyes. 
I love this as a base because it's increases the longevity of shadows but also looks great worn alone too!

Eye Shadow in Shroom
Last but not least Shroom! Shroom is my most used eye shadow in my whole collection. I don’t know what better way to say this but this is the only color I have finished three times and continue to use on a regular basis. Shroom has an ability to make your shadow look shimmery yet natural at the same time. It’s the kind of eye shadow that looks convincingly natural, but shimmery.
Yes, that made no sense unless you’ve tried it!

Don’t let the weekly limited editions ruin your MAC experiences there are some solid products in between. My collection has been lacking permanent MAC lipsticks so I would love to know what your favorites are!
As always thanks for reading!



  1. i've actually only ever purchased drugstore makeup before... should really branch out... :[ . ღ

  2. Nice picks! Springsheen really is a super pretty blush! I'd add Blot Powder and their Mineralize Blushes (especially Dainty) to that list as well! xo


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  4. UGH This makes me miss my MAC mineralized skin finish. How could I ever forget about this product. Trip to the mall in the near future.

  5. Springsheen is probably one of the best out there!!

    that Blush gives you an amazing healthy glow withought looking too made up!