Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

I have a strange fascination with these.
I mean the quality of these is decent and there perfect to keep in your pocket too.
I saw the mini bandage… I had a cold… it was all very cute so I ended up purchasing the brand new Baby Lips Dr. Rescue.
First off this tastes like 100% cough drops. I don’t think this would appeal to everyone but I kind of find it soothing. Unlike my other baby lips this has a creamier finish then the other formulas. Which kind of sucks because I find it doesn’t last that long. On the other hand this has a minty feeling like Blistex, which I love so I don’t mind applying this every 30 min at all!

I would say Baby Lips are good lip balms. Yes, there are more moisturizing choices with better formulas but I find baby have that fun element. That same sort of chapstick fun I had when purchasing Lip Smackers years ago. Yes, this sort of ‘fun’ would not appeal to everyone but if your into sheer lip balms that smell and tasty yummy you might want to party with Dr. Rescue.


  1. Huh, you've definitely tempted me with these! For some reason cough drop scents sound oddly appealing ;)