Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How To Make The Perfect Easter Basket

Tis the season of Cadbury Mini Eggs and chocolate buttons. It’s also the season of making egg bread, which I have failed making this year, but I digress. Ever since having my daughter Everleigh I feel like it’s been my parental duty to make every holiday extra special for her. So even though she’s 1, I thought why not make an Easter basket for the little one? Fill it up with age appropriate things for her and a little chocolate for us. So ladies and gent’s here are my must haves for creating a perfect Easter basket. 

The basket
I got Everleigh’s basket and the liner from Pottery Barn Kids. What I like about this basket is that the liners can be easily switched out. Meaning if one year she’s into unicorns and purple stars another year I don’t have to buy a whole new Easter basket. The build quality of the basket is exceptional and you can find great deals at Pottery Barn Kids once Easter is done. 

The Treat’s 
Since our little one is only 1 the majority of the chocolate in the basket is for us . However it wouldn’t be an Easter basket without a mini eggs and a kinder surprise. If your family is more on the health conscious side of things you can always replace chocolate for healthier alternatives, one of my favourite healthy treats are Oatmeal Banana cookies (they are vegan, gluten and sugar free recipe here

The Toys
Some families don’t do an Easter toy, however I grew up getting a little Easter “treat” as my mom would call it. Not wanting to overdo things I bought three little Easter toys for Everleigh. All very affordable the toys I got for Everleigh are a plush Nici Wonderland doll (here and on sale), the other is a set of maracas (found for around the $5.00 mark at Winners) and finally a bunny plush toy (no idea where I got this but it was super inexpensive). From one shopper to another I highly suggest purchasing a month or so before Easter. I find there are excellent deals out there just after Valentine’s Day. 

The Extra’s 
Depending on your child’s age you might want to throw in some Easter basket extras. Some of my favourites are colouring books, bath bombs, stickers, puzzles, pj’s, books or stationary. Growing up my mom would often add a cute pair of spring themed socks or cute pink lip gloss as an Easter basket extra. 

Like with all holidays the most important thing when purchasing any gift is keep your eyes open. Now I seriously can’t wait to crack open in to these cookies and cream eggs. Have an excellent week everyone, and should you have any Easter-y ideas feel free to leave me a comment below or on my social media. 

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