Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Etival Aqua Serge Night Butter

I didn't know anything about Etival skin care. And to be honest after hours of trying to find something, anything about the range I'm still back where I started. Let's go back to the beginning... shall we? 
I was walking through a drugstore (as one who is obsessed with skin care usually does) and I saw the majority of the Etival range on sale. Typically, I am not this impulsive but there was something about the baby blue box and the claims of hydration that made me think 'this could be the next best thing'. I also liked how they threw butter into the name. In my mind I was expecting a balm like moisturizer, thick, hydrating and perfect for my dry prone skin. 

In reality this moisturizer is a far cry from my expectations. Firstly, this 'butter' moisturizer is has a gel consistency. If you were thinking, this must be moisture central ... think again because this moisturizer is mildly hydrating (and I'm being generous). Next up, the scent. Typically, I'm not one to knock a product due to scent, but since this had so much perfume that it actually burnt my skin I thought it should be noted. What I'm getting to is Etival's Aqua Serge is pretty much everything I would expect from a cheap drugstore moisturizer. 

To further add to my frustration Etival's website does not feature ingredient listings or contact information. Etival doesn't even have Facebook page, nor does it have Instagram or Twitter. The only thing that I was able to tell from Etival's website is that it's sold at Shoppers Drug Mart. Which leads me to believe that this is Shopper's Drug Mart's attempt to get some market space in the skin care world. 
I love trying new skincare in hopes that there is an affordable hidden gem out there. Etival Aqua Serge Night Butter is not this product. It's drying, overly scent and poorly formulated. The lack of online support also aids to my frustration. Even though this came in at the $10.00 mark this product is a huge pass for me. 

Regular price ??? I payed just $10.99 and it was on sale. 
Bought at Shoppers Drug Mart 

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