Monday, November 28, 2016

Everleigh Update & Freshly Picked Cyber Monday Sale

Let's start with the update, Everleigh is walking! She took her first steps last month, but has now come up with the courage to walk all on her own. People told me that life itself get's busier once there children start walking, but the truth is I didn't realize just how busy things were about to get. My girl now has the desire to chase the cat around the house, explore every nook and cranny and of course play with everything she isn't suppose to play with. Apart of keeping her out of trouble my new passion is baby shoes, more specially Freshly Picked! 

For those who don't know Freshly Picked are pint sized moccasins. Unlike so many other brands these moccasins are durable, well designed, fashionable and ... drumroll please...STAY ON YOUR CHILD'S FEET. Actually I'm so obsessed with these these that I bought Everleigh a set as soon as her feet hit the floor. The funny part is Sak's didn't have her size so I ended up buying a pair that should fit her in well over a year (or more). I'll be the first to admit, yes I know I'm crazy. However the pretty pink moccasins melted my heart. 

Back to the topic on hand... I've teamed up with Freshly Picked and there people have told me that today (November 28th 2016) they are having a Cyber Monday Sale. The sale starts 10 am MST and all of there seasonal styles will be 25% off. So if you have a little one in your life this is the perfect time to spoil there tiny feet. For me this means Everleigh shoe collection will be expanding. She now owns Cardigan (here), but I have my eyes on the Lemonade (here) too.
Happy shopping ladies! 

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