Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Avene Ystheal Cream Review

To date retinol (aka vitamin A) is one of the only scientifially proven way to reverse signs of aging. This miracle ingredient increases cellular turnover which results in smoother, clearer and firmer skin. While retinol is mainly found in anti-aging products it can also be found it a number of acne product too. A fountain of youth and a pimple fighter too? I know this skin care wonder is nothing short of miraculous. However with the good comes the bad and despite taking years off your face retinol can also be hella irritating...

I know all about retinol irritation because at the tender age of 20 I used prescription grade retinol on my face. My 'genius' idea lead me to a face that was dry as the desert, yet as red as the sun. To boot I broke out in small white bumps called mila on my face. I swear it took me 5 or 6 years to get rid of these pesky bumps. Moral of the story never steal your mothers skincare.
Sorry Mom. Now where was I?

Yes retinol it can be irritating, but things are changing. The new wave of retinol's seem to less aggravating and more soothing. There are tons great examples options out there but one of my favouties has to be Avene's Ystheal Cream.

Avene's Ystheal Cream is straightforward. I say this because it doesn't have a gimmicky colour, perfumey scent or any of that nonsense. Instead this cream really focuses on what it's intended to do and that's reduce wrinkles. Which I have to say Ystheal does extremely well. The key ingredient is retinaldehyde, retinol's less irritating sister. As an added measure Avene have also added there soothing thermal water to the mix. The overall effect is a wrinkle fighter that doesn't cause the slightest bit of irritation. 

I have been testing this product over the past four weeks and I can throughly say this has reduced the look of fine lines all while keeping irritation at bay. Furthermore I love that this product comes with a pump, contains zero nasties and is affordable too. If you had sensitive skin, or just wanted a no fuss product this retinol is definitely one to check out. 

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  1. I have heard about retinol for years but was always too scared to try it because it can be so irritating! But, with products like these coming out, i'll have to try it!