Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chanel Nail Polish Collection

I am really good at parting with old makeup. However one department I have a hard parting with are my Chanel Nail polishes. Yes, I'm well aware that some of these are old. Yes, I'm also well aware that some of these shades are 'out of style'. However spoken like a true hoarder, this luxe nail varnishes are the pride of my collection. So I thought why not have a light hearted post and talk about some of my all time favourite shades. Ladies and gents here is my Chanel nail polish collection.

Chanel Emprise 
I'm not really into pink or peach nail polishes. While they look flattering on others I find on my pale skin most shades make me look ill. Chanel however knows how to do a good peach and out of the all four peachy pink shades I know Emprise is my favourite. Emprise is a peachy nude that is perfect for the summer. With that being said Emprise is also great for formal events... its the kind of shade that tells people 'you've got your shit together' when really you might not.

Vert Obscur
I went though a phase of buying a ton of nail polish. However these day's instead of buying polish in quantity I like to occasionally splurge on a Chanel. In comparison to other brands I find Chanel has cutting edge colours and typically the formulas are better. Not always... take the golden Delight, beautiful shade, but crap formula. I am rambling, but what I am getting to is Vert Obscur was my last years fancy polish. This almost black teal is something thats totally unique to my collection, however unlike other most unique colours Vert Obscur is wearable too.

Graphite is one sexy ass colour, I would even go as far as saying this is my all time favourite nail polish colour. Graphite is a silvery grey, what makes this colour unique is at times it can look quite golden and at other times it can look green. This colour looks great all year, applies like a dream and just looks super rock and roll on.
Dear Chanel, if your reading this (what are the odds) you really need to permanent colour!

Some other favourites in my collection are Black Pearl and Rouge Noir (review here). Actually if you really wanted to splurge there nail polish remover is a pricy but a fantastic treat too. So with my Miami Peach polish going off and my Chanel Vertigo lacquer looking slightly outdated I can whole heartily say I love my little collection. 

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