Thursday, July 7, 2016

Battling Baby Eczema

As a longtime eczema sufferer I can tell you first hand it sucks. However when you child is suffering from eczema (and waking up crying) its absolutely heartbreaking. Not only has the whole experience been hard to watch, but finding safe eczema products for baby is a rarity of it's own. The good thing is there is a community of bloggers, moms, brand ambassadors and dermatologists out there that are more then happy to help. In Everleigh's case after months of suffering, along with a handful of products we are finally winning the battle against baby eczema. So without further ado here are our favourite products to help fight baby eczema.
Avene XeraCalm AD Lipid Replenishing Balm 
Usually I save the best for last but I'm going to go ahead and start with the best here. There is nothing that has helped Everleigh's eczema more then this Avene's Lipid Replenishing Balm. This cream is so effective that there was a noticeable  difference within the first use. 
Now lets get a little nerdy here... this balm contains thermal water which instantly instantly reduces redness and calms irritation. So if you or your child is suffering from an eczema flare up this will bring immediate soothing relief. Continued use not only moisturizes the skin, but actually repairs the skins natural lipid layer. The overall effect calm, healthy, nourished skin. Perfect for the whole family this eczema fighting powerhouse has become one of my favourite beauty products ever. 

Avene Xera Calm AD Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil 
The vast majority of baby products are loaded perfumes and chemicals, so finding the right body wash was not an easy task. After months of searching I found two excellent washes and out of those Avene's Lipid Replishing Cleansing Oil is our favourite. This thick oil/gel cleanser does wonders for the skin such as hydrating, repairing and reducing redness. In combination with the Lipid Replenishing Balm the two work wonders to fight eczema!
I have also been loving this as a facial cleanser for myself... I might actually do a whole review on this as a cleanser because it really deserves the added attention.

Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash
Another favourite of our's is the Skinfix! Now there are a few things I really like about this product such as it's non-irratating fragrance, soap and chemical free formula. This formula also contains some amazing hydrating oils like jojoba, apricot and sunflower. In the soothing department this body wash contains chamomile and calendula extracts. While this body wash is loaded with amazing ingredients it feels really light on the skin. If your on the market for a gentle body, for sensitive skin I highly recommend this Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash.

Coconut Oil
Firstly let me start by saying when Everleigh was going through eczema flare ups coconut oil couldn't keep up. With that being said now that her skin has calmed down coconut oil is a great product for everyday moisture. Not only does pure coconut oil lack chemicals and perfumes but it's actually been proven to reduce the itch that irritating eczema itch. Just like the Skinfix if your baby is prone to dry, sensitive skin coconut oil just might do the trick.

So mothers and eczema sufferer's I hope these products help you in your own journey. Just remember there is a whole team of people out there that are more then happy to aid you in your journey. If you have any favourite product's feel free to share them in the comments sections below.

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