Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Skincare

Maybe it’s all the natural light or perhaps it’s the change of weather, but come spring time its normal to have a ‘my skin looks like crap’ moment. I’m talking about that dull, lackluster, boring skin that just makes you look like a tired zombie. So to avoid scaring the neighborhood children here are my 3 fail proof ways to get healthy looking skin this spring. 

I am obsessed with exfoliating. Dare I even go as far as saying I can write a novel just on exfoliating alone. However I will spare you the agony and just get on with the post… 

Exfoliating is the act of removing dead skin cells that hang out on the skins surface. The pile up of these dead cells gives the illusion of dull, ill looking skin. Now there are two ways to fix this problem, chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliatiors use some sort of acid to remove dead cells. Sounds terrifying, its not! Actually there are loads of chemical exfoliators that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Physical Exfoliators on the other hand remove dead skin cells through friction. This type of exfoliating varies on intensity depending on how gritty the formula is. Whatever exfoliator you choose is entirely up to you. Hell you can even get really crazy like me and choose both! 

Another factor to dull looking skin is the weather. Here in Canada it’s normal to have spring like weather one day and arctic weather the next. This constant temperature fluctuation generally results in dry skin. So my next tip for better looking skin is to moisturize. With a quick slap on the face even the most basic moisturizer can instantly repair the quality of your skin, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and give the skin a more radiant glow. Just remember before taking a plunge on any moisturizer, go simple and always keep your skin-type on mind.

Some people collect coins, cards or cats, I however collect facial mists. I have one that contains SPF in my car, one that sets makeup on my vanity, a hydrating one… you get the picture. So the next product you need for amazing-looking springtime skin is a hydrating facial mist. Just like a moisturizer a good facial mist can hydrate the face, but unlike a moisturizer it only takes a second to apply. Furthermore even if you wanted to cheat on your whole skincare routine the fact your misting liquid on your face will give the illusion of healthy skin. Weather you’re using a mist for moisture or for a quick refresh, facial sprays should be on your must have list this season. 

Now that your skin is exfoliated, hydrated and glistening from facial mist scaring the neighbor’s kids will be a thing of the past. Unless of course those kids are brats then I say scare away… I’m kidding! But in all seriousness say hello healthy, luminous, glowing skin this spring with these three easy tips.

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