Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kitchen Beauty Essentials

Like most beauty obsessed you can find makeup and skincare all over my house. In each powder room a lip product, in the family room a selection of face masks and by the front door a couple of fragrances. However there is one beauty "hot spot" in our house and that is the kitchen. From hand creams to a selection of lip products here are my kitchen beauty must haves.

Hand Soap and Hand Cream
Nothing says at home spa then a sink full of dirty dishes. HA...
In all seriousness (well as serious as soap can be) using dish soap can and will dry out your hands. To avoid chapped, cracked and even bleeding hands I say spurge and buy your self a proper soap and hand cream. My new favourite is William Sonoma's Lime Blossom. Apart from making me feel really fancy the Lime Blossom fragrance is fresh and the formula is nourishing.

Lip Products
Sometimes the kitchen island becomes a dumping ground for lip products. With that being said I always keep at least two lip products in the kitchen at all times. One is a sheer lip balm perfect for everyday use and the other is typically something with a bit of colour. Currently I have have the clear Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy (review here) and Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in the colour Berry. 

Homeoplasmine (in an old Dior Pot) 
Every kitchen should have some sort of  multi-purpose ointment in it! Strong statement I know, but there is no other product hydrates dry skin, moisturizes lips, repairs cracked cuticles, helps calm down bug bites and help aid burns. If your unable to find Homeoplamine, Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream and the Honest Companies Healing balm are both excellent alternatives. 

Hair Things
Firstly let me start off by saying I don't do my hair in the kitchen. However as someone who worked in in the food service industry keeping your hair up while cooking has been drilled into my head. So I always keep a hair tie, bobby pin and clip handy to prevent my long hair flying everywhere. 

Again I don't pluck any sort of hair in the kitchen... actually the very thought of it makes me want to puke. Now this might be TMI but I'm going to go there... chin hair. Every now and then I find a random ass chin hair thats long and nasty. To avoid people confusing me for an ogre, troll or any other fairy tale villain I like to have pair of tweezers handy. Again I don't remove hair in the kitchen, but I the powder room is fair game. Chain hair, tweezers, plucking ... this is becoming all sorts of gross-ness... on to the next item. 

Mirrored Compact
Having a mirrored compact is key to avoiding fo
od in teeth or on the face situations. A Chanel mirrored compact might seem like the ultimate luxury, but I'm here to tell you its not. Instead of tossing out an old Chanel blush I just removed the shabby blush and bam I was left with a pretty fancy compact. The Chanel mirrored compact sells for $45.00 online and using an old compact is free... easy beauty hack if you ask me.

So now you know our house is a dumping ground for beauty products. I also keep a selection of nail polishes in the office and face creams on my coffee table... I seriously have a problem! Until next time ladies... 

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