Sunday, September 27, 2015

Demeter Mr. Bubble

In my childhood there are two things that come to mind.  One being a love for The Little Mermaid and the other being bubble baths. My early attitude towards bathing as a child was simple.  The more time spent in the tub the more likely I would turn into a mermaid. So in return I was the kid that never got out of the tub, who splashed, sang and desperately thought I would turn into Ariel at any given moment.  Besides my Flounder toy there is one thing that really comes to mind and that is Mr. Bubble. So when I was offered a bottle of this nostalgic scent I just had to say yes.

Mr. Bubble has been making memories for over the past 50 years, its unique fruity meets clean is unique and easily identified. Literally, one whiff of the scent and I was transported back to my days as a little girl playing in the tub. I would say what hits you first the scent of bananas, which is then followed by an undertone of powdery clean notes. As a child I never took the time to really give Mr. Bubble a good smell, but the contrast between clean and fruity really works.

There are sexy perfumes and power perfumes but Mr. Bubble falls in the fun perfume category. I can honestly say I have had a blast wearing this over the past month. If you had tons of memories with Mr. Bubble or if you were looking for a sweet fun fragrance I highly suggest giving this a try. 

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