Friday, August 21, 2015

Worth the Splurge

In my makeup collection there are many different brands, ranging in different price points. Yes, there are products that you can totally save on, but on the other hand I truly think there are products worth the investment. So ladies today we are getting spendy and here are some of my favourites to get spendy with!

The Right Foundation
I love drugstore foundation. Come to think about it my some of my favourites are budget beauty buys.With that being said I have had my fair share of horrible experiences with drugstore foundations. Orange toned foundation… been there, done that! Drying formulas and cakey finishes I’ve have my fair share of those too. Personally I blame drugstore companies for not providing testers, samples and knowledgeable sales staff.
So avoid any of these tragedies I say go high end. Many high end brands have testers, helpful staff and samples to help you avoid these makeup disasters. In my experience investing in the perfect foundation is well worth the aggravation and embarrassment.

The Perfect Lipstick
The perfect shade of lipstick can put a smile to your face and a bounce to your step. I call this the lipstick effect. So when it comes to the perfect colour I say spend! In addition to just looking flattering consider the formula, finish, taste and scent too.
My signature colour for the past two or three years (maybe even 4) has been Guerlain’s Shine Automatique in Rose Pompon. While the colour is spot perfect on I find this luxe lipstick hydrating, smells nice and just generally feels really nice on the lips. Plus the fancy gold packaging makes it that much more special too!

A Signature Scent
Just like lipstick there is a certain magic to perfume too. One quick spray of perfume can make you feel confident, sexy, cute, or a magnitude of other feelings. While there are many great affordable fragrances out there I am a sucker for the high end. Usually (not in all cases) I find fine fragrances smell more complex and last longer without getting irritating.
I love so many fragrances but I would say my signature scent is Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir. Basically its sexy stuff, but not in the in your face kind of way! If you haven’t tried Pomegranate Noir yet it’s fruity, yet dark but earthy all at the same time.

There is nothing wrong with budget buys, but sometimes a girl has got to treat herself. Foundation, perfume and lipstick are my personal favourites, what are some of your favourite beauty splurges?


  1. definitely agree with this list! If anything, lipstick seems to be my personal favorite when it comes to treating myself ;)

    1. Luxury lipstick just looks so fancy too! :)