Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello, Lovely Lip Balm!

My purse like so many of us contains a constant flow of lip products. Some days I channel my inner tom boy and wear only lip balm, while other days I crave a sultry dark red. However even with the constant circulation of products there is one product that always remains constant… Dior Addict Lip Glow. This balmy product hydrates the lips while leaving the prettiest natural pink colour. I’ve often thought that if I had one lip product to use for the rest of my life that Lip Glow might be it. 

Yes we are here to talk about Clarins but hear me out, because there is a problem in this lipstick paradise. My biggest dilemma with the Dior is the price. Usually I would say the perfect lipstick is worth the investment, but I can easily go through one of these once a month and at $37.00 a pop Dior Lip Glow is one expensive balm habit. With no similar products on the market Dior had me buying there Lip Glow for years… Until now! 

Coming in the kick Dior’s butt is the Clarins Lovely Lip Balm. 

Hydrating, smoothing and lip colour enhancing… this is what lip product dreams are made out of. Clarins Lovely Lip Balm is the kind of product that you don’t need a mirror to apply yet it gives the lips a stunning, but natural pink flush. With shea oil and coco butter this hydrating lip balm leaves lips smooth in kissable. To make matters even lovelier the people at Clarins have packaged this perfect lip product in cute eco-friendly packaging and gave it a beautiful peach scent too. 

There are so many great things about this lip balm an outstanding formula, a beautiful finish, a fruity scent, cute packaging... I am in love! If you’re a lip balm addict I highly recommend for every purse, pocket, bedside table, gym bag you own! Basically what I’m saying is for $15.00 a pop, good bye Lip Glow and hello Lovely Lip Balm.

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