Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Best Body Products

I use to be an absolute body product hoarder. During my Lush days my collection boasted Tupperware of bath bombs, baskets of soap and storage bins of body lotion. These days my collection of body products is more refined. I still have a soft spot for trying new shower gels, but I am pretty faithful to my tried and tested body products. So with my hoarding tendencies gone out the window, here are my favourite bath and body products.

NUXE Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream
For years I jumped from different brand of hand cream to another... then I met Reve de Miel and I've been loyal to it since. Firstly is the scent, this stuff smells absolutely divine! If you love honey and subtle floral scents you will 100% love this. As far as the texture this light weight hand cream doesn't leave a greasy residue on your hands, instead it nourishes dry skin and leaves your hands super soft. Really good an absolute must have for me.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Deodorant
This is the only natural deodorant I've tried that actually works and smells good. Over the years I've gone threw many of these and although there pricey I continue to purchase them. If you have sensitive arms pits or just want to switch to something more natural this is a the best option out there (in my humble opinion anyway).

Nuxe Oil Prodigieuse
I would like to apologize for the regular readers out there, because I talk about this oil all the freaken time. So yes this might be repetitive but this oil kicks some serious ass. Firstly unlike most oils this leaves a dry finish onto your skin, so if you were worried about feeling greasy fear not! Another great quality and probably why I use this so often is this is some multi tasking stuff. You can use this on your body, face, hair and you can add a couple of squirts to bath water for a luxurious experience too.  So good... it has become my daily go to!

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream 
Boasting 25% shea butter this body butter is one indulgent treat. I'm not going to lie when I first purchased this I was under the impression that this would be greasy... was I ever wrong. Despite the shea butter and all it's moisturizing extracts this body cream is relatively light, yet packs a moisturizing punch at the same time. Dare I even say... I think I love this more then the body shops body butters or any other moisturizer I've ever tried. 

What are some of your favourite body products leave me a comment below! 


  1. now that my target sells nuxe products I almost bit the bullet and picked up the oil and I REGRET NOT PICKING IT UP! It's so hyped but it also looks so good!

    1. I went over to the States over the past weekend and when I saw NUXE at Target, I was so happy! I will say however it is cheaper to buy here in Canada, not sure if your close to the boarder but just thought I would let you know.
      Thank you the kind comment :)