Monday, February 16, 2015

Calming Redness

When I think of long weekends like most Canadians I think of summer cottage trips, warm summer nights and family BBQ's. However, this February long weekend is more like crippling cold weather and red irritated skin.  With a few helpful tips and some great soothing products here are my top three ways to calming red angry skin. 

1. Drink Water
Personally I always think hot weather equates do dehydration but always over look the fact cold weather can mean dehydration too. So my first tip for you is to drink plenty of water. Redness (and dryness) will significantly decrease ifyour body is hydrated. 

2. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask 
This has to be one of my favourite masks of all time, while it hydrates the skin it also reduces redness like no ones business. The Avene website suggests you remove this mask but I highly recommend letting your skin soak in all the benefits over night. This creamy colourless mask is perfect for soothing irritated skin but it's also great at soothing sunburns too. 
If you suffer from rosacea or extreme redness I highly recommend Avene's Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Masking. 

3. A-Derma Exomega  
Although I have quite sensitive skin on my face for the most part my body is not. Yes, its true I can usually get away using the most perfumed, the most chemically filled products the market has to offer. Not saying that is good but you get what I mean! However something happens when it gets cold and dry... all those perfume-y body washes I loved irritate the hell out of my skin. I'm sure most of you get those red, bumpy, itchy patches under your arms too and my cure for that is A-Derma's Exomega. This perfume free oat based shower gel, helps reduce redness, hydrate and product. Plus the formula is so mild it can be used on the entire family. 

What are some of your redness reducing tips leave me a comment.
For those Canadians reading this I hope your all enjoying the long weekend and enduring this harsh weather!