Thursday, December 4, 2014

Empties #5

I love reading posts about empties. I also find it “fun” looking at the things I’ve finished and thinking to myself “good job Tanya”. Yes I live an interesting life!  But the best part about empties is throwing them into the recycling bin after you’re done with them. Some products can be a struggle to finish while others you hate to see go, but whatever way you slice the cake finishing any product is an accomplishment. So here is my fifth instalment of empties.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Deodorant
I switched over the natural deodorant a few years ago. At first it was a hard transition because there are a lot of natural brands that actually make you smell worse than if you weren’t wearing anything at all. Then I found La Vanilla and we have been inseparable since. This deodorant smells amazing and it really works! Pure Vanilla smells like vanilla (duh) instead of being sugary sweet it’s warm and soft. This comes highly recommended and I have already opened my brand new tube.

NUXE Merveillance Serum
I always felt like this is a serum made for dehydrated skin masked in an “anti-aging” product range. Using one of my favorite ingredients hyaluronic acid, this leaves my skin plump, hydrated and looking amazing. If you are someone that suffers from dehydrated skin both young or old this is for you. Currently I have an astonishing 5 serums on the go, so will I repurchase? Probably not at the moment but I will go back to this in the future.

NUXE Crème Prodigieuse
I actually got this in the normal to combination skin type. I know what you’re thinking, I have dry skin, sensitive skin but like everyone on really hot humid day my skin tends to be a little on the oily side. Crème Prodigieuse is the perfect light weight moisturizer that remains light but not dehydration. This stuff smells amazing, has some amazing ingredients, suitable for any age, has sanitary packaging and it’s very affordable too. I have been contemplating on purchasing the dry skin version this winter but I will have to finish some more products before I do.

Soap and Glory Scrub Actually
This scrub is amazing it smells sweet and fruity and leaves my skin really soft. I love that this comes in a shower friendly tube but most of all I love how gritty this is. Call me crazy but feel like the grittier the scrub the better the results. If you’re a gritty kind of girl I highly suggest you try this one out. With that being said I can no longer find these at Shoppers Drugmart here in Canada. Are these discontinued? I’m not too sure but if they are damn!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 
I really love this foundation and the more I try other foundations the more I miss my Healthy Mix. This has the perfect balance of perfecting your skin while still remaining very natural. Healthy Mix Serum is also very hydrating making perfect for my dry winter skin. You know what I really miss this foundation must go purchase soon!

Clinique Air Brush Concealer
Air Brush Concealer is a really quick, lightweight, illuminating concealer. This does conceal some darkness but partnered with my Bobbi Brown corrector the two are my dream team. I happily have been using this every day for years and I can foresee myself using this in years to come.

Phyto Shampoo
I know the brand has had a makeover in recent times so I’m not sure if they still do this shampoo. Would I repurchase this or any other shampoo from this brand? No!
Strong claim but for me it boils down to the packaging I hate pouring, I prefer squeezing. Leave it to me but every time I pour I always end up with a huge handful of shampoo. I like how this left my hair but I used up this bottle in 2 weeks, which is kind of crazy for a $24.00 shampoo.

Klorane Shampoo with Papyrus
I can’t see this on Klorane’s website at the moment, perhaps discontinued? Good shampoo, left my hair silky but it doesn’t beat my favorite shampoo Klorane’s Oatmilk Shampoo. Basically it boils down to I am guilty of washing my hair daily so basically I like a lighter shampoo. I think Klorane really has a good thing going on (on a side note) there products are effective, have amazing ingredients and are very affordable.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Rollerball
I love the scent of my deodorant so much I bought the matching perfume. As mentioned pure vanilla is sweet, but really warm and totally adult appropriate. I have had a backup of this because I love the scent so much.

Yes that is all for now ladies and gents! 
Let me know what you've finished lately in the comment section below! 


  1. So many great empties! That Nuxe serum sounds perfect for wintertime :)