Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An All Clarins Haul

It should come to no shock to you when I say that I am a Clarins fan.  Clarins products are effective, jam-packed with great ingredients and there makeup line is pretty darn good too. So when The Bay had their gift with purchase I jumped at the opportunity to pick up some of my favourites, some things I’ve always wanted and some new things too!  

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
This is a must have for me this gentle gel cleanser is simply perfect. While this produces a good lather it’s not drying in the slightest. For $16.00 a pop it’s great value for money considering the long list of astonishing ingredients and just how mildly effective this is.  
It smells citrus-y and neutralizes hard water too… if you want you can read my whole review here.

Daily Energizer Cream
This is moisturizer features vitamin c, ginkgo biloba and turmeric, which help this skin appear radiant. I needed a basic daily moisturizer and wanted to try something new.  I liked that this moisturizer acts as a primer for your foundation and for $26.00 I thought to myself why not? Next time I might go for the hydra quench line but for now let’s see how this performs.

Beauty Flash Balm
I tried Beauty Flash balm first as a sample and I fell instantly in love. Ever since my brief run-in with this wonder cream I have been completely and utterly obsessed. Literally every time I was close to a Clarins counter I had to talk myself out of buying this. Beauty Flash balm is a miracle product that makes skin look illuminated, younger and moisturized.  Since the busy holiday season is just around the corner I thought this would be a trusty companion for tired skin.

Hydra Quench Gift
This gift came with a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and mask. I am eagerly anticipating trying all of these hydrating products especially with the colder winter months approaching. I have to say I was surprised to see how big the sample sizes are and I definitely plan on putting them through good use on an upcoming trip to Montreal.  

Renew Plus Body Serum
This was the Clarins “step-up” gift. I haven’t tried too many Clarins body products so I am excited to give this full sized moisturizer a try. I’ve read reviews on this and a lot of people swear it makes their skin baby soft. I have so many lotions of the go at the moment so stay tuned it might make it into a future favourites. 

Yes, this post has been a whole lot of Clarins but I gift with purchases are great for stocking up on some of your favourite products or new products. What are some of your favourites Clarins products? Leave me a comment!


  1. Really nice picks! I've heard great things about the Hydra Quench range- hope you love it! xo



    1. I can't wait to bring this along with me to Montreal next weekend!

  2. Clarins is such a brilliant brand, these are some lovely items! Great post :)


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Amy :)

  3. Love Clarins! The Hydraquench mask is my go-to for long plane rides, and really anytime that I need a super boost of hydration (which is always!).

  4. LOL do I ever hear you!
    I can't wait to try out the hydra quench range :)