Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hard Candy Mod Quad in Brownie Points

Hard Candy’s blushes kick some serious butt and although I love there blush's I have not tried too much of the brand. Why? I don’t really know. Let’s call it a makeup mystery.
The first thing I wanted to try on the long list of products was the baked shadow set.
Brownie Points seemed like an easy to wear bronzy quad and let’s down play it just looks stunning.

Where do we start with this one? 
Well the packaging is nice, durable and compact. I could imagine this quad would be easy to travel with. 

The shadows...
My perfect eye shadow is, non-fussy, buttery, pigmented and easy to blend. It’s the kind of shadow that you can throw on your eye and with a little blending it looks seamless. This pallet did not bring that ease of application to me. I can honestly say that all four colours were hard to pick up on a brush, lacked pigment and were hard to blend. Hard Candy explains you can use these wet and from swatches online they look better wet. However this whole wetting the brush routine seems like an impractical added step considering there are better shadows without the extra effort out there.
(swatches using product dry) 

If you were looking for highly pigmented beautiful shadows at a similar price point I would highly recommend the Wet n Wild. Unfortunately the Hard Candy Quad in Brownie Points as beautiful as it is does not have my stamp of approval. 

Have you tried this quad, what do you think?


  1. Too bad this was a bit of a disappointment. I generally love the Hard Candy products I try, but I agree that the Wet N' Wild shadows are the best, in terms of the drug store :)



    1. I hate when things are disappointing.
      Oh well you win some you loose some.
      Thanks for visiting ;)

  2. Beautiful colours! I absolutely love the tones perfect for autumn!

    Lovely blog sweetie - following on bloglovin

    Collette zxx

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the follow :)

  3. Hmm yeaaah not looking too good! I've been meaning to try more hard candy products, but I guess their eyeshadows aren't the place to start


    1. I heard there eye shadow duo's are better then the quads.
      Hmmm maybe more testing is in order.

      Thanks for visiting :)