Friday, September 5, 2014

Calvin Klein Reveal

Obsession, I think it all started with the spicy oriental Obsession. Like many women in the early 90’s it was my mom’s signature scent. I have such amazing memories related to this perfume. Among many I remember the comfort of my mother’s bulky warm sweaters on cold winters nights. Next was my first perfume, CK1. I was completely obsessed with it and at the time I thought I was just the coolest kid in elementary school. After my long love affair with CK1 was Euphoria the sexy orchid fragrance that marked my first year of college, my first love and my first heartbreak.
For me Calvin Klein fragrances aren’t ones I just wear but the ones I’ve created memories with. So when I won a bottle of Calvin Klein’s brand new fragrance Reveal I was ecstatic.

So what do I think… Before reading up on the notes I thought this was going to be another variation of Flowerbomb. Yes, I love me some Flowerbomb but I get frustrated when everything starts to smell repetitive. After reading the notes partly shocked the other part high fiving Mr. Klein’s perfume team I knew this was something original and something I that I had to try.

Reveal hits you with a quick burst of woodsy notes then immediately dries down to salt. Salt in fragrance is interesting and the closest thing I can describe it to is a windy day at the beach. You know that sea salty scent in the air? It smells exactly like that.

Once this starts to dry you really get into the Cashmeran which is a basically smells like warm laundry but kind sensual all at the same time. The salt and Chasmeran work together to really transport you to a windy beach and being wrapped up in a freshly washed cashmere throw, it smells absolutely beautiful.

I have had so many memories shared with so many of Calvin Klein scents. I’m not sure where Reveal will take me, however based on the sent alone there are going to be some beautiful journeys to come. 

I absolutely love this fragrance and a huge thanks to David Lackie for the generous prize. If you are from Canada you will know that David is our own celebrity and is a Host on the famous Cityline show. However if you don’t live in Canada I highly suggest you follow David he tweets amazing contests and fantastic tips. You can follow him here if you would like.


  1. Congrats on winning this- how exciting! I won a prize from Dave a while back and it was lovely. This scent sounds super interesting- I must check it out! xo


    1. Please do it smells absolutely amazing.
      David is so generous! I have all my friends following now too!