Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Things to Try ELF

ELF has to be one of my all-time favorite drugstore brands. With products ranging from $3-$10 dollars I highly recommend there Studio Line. Come to think about it I have never tried anything from this line that has been bad. With that being said today we are going to talk about the best. Here are three things you must try from ELF

ELF Eye Brow Kit
One side of this kit is a brow powder while the other side is a darker tinted brow wax. For quick natural makeup looks a quick dusting of the brow powder will do the trick. However, using both powder and wax is my preferred method. While the powder acts like a general brow filler the tinted wax is great for defining the arch while also keeping things in place. This small compact kit will not do you wrong.
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Tickled Pink Blush
The ELF studio brushes are amazing. I have a couple of this and they pretty much rival any high end brand. They are all extremely pigmented but most important very bendable. A favorite among the bunch is ELF’s Tickled Pink. This lighter pink almost neutral pink gives my cheeks a very natural glow. It’s the kind of light pink that never looks overdone and goes with just about anything. It has gotten good use and it continues to remain a makeup bag staple.
I’m just saying pale winter skin and Tickled Pink like best friends!

 Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia
This was the first thing I ever bought from the studio range and I was very very impressed. Both the blush and bronzer are extremely bendable, long wearing and pigmented.  The bronzer is a smidgen too dark which makes it a perfect counter shade for my pale skin. As where the pretty shimmery peach blush that adds a nice pinch of colour to the cheeks. If you’re new to makeup or need something compact to travel with I highly suggest you pick this up.

There is no denying it I love high end makeup, but I also love getting a good deal. For high end quality but for a fraction of the price you can’t go wrong with these ELF products. What ELF product have you tried? Leave me a comment?


  1. this is awesome!! I'm in the states right now and i purchased a bunch of their products... even their makeup brushes are awesome!

    1. there blush brush is perfection... I may have purchased you something too! Hope you enjoying your trip & a huge thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm always so tempted by ELF products! I fill up a shopping cart, but I never check it out! I don't know, I've found the brand to be so hit or miss! Though, definitely need to try out your recommendations!


  3. They're such bargains! ELF can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but I love their blushes! The contour kit also looks great. I purchased the brow kit a while ago but it was a few shades too light for me. I have to go pick up a darker one soon! x

    The Sunday Chapter

  4. I love the ELF blushers and they eyebrow kit, both amazing products and so affordable! :)


  5. Nice picks! Tickled Pink looks lovely :)