Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Non-School Related Makeup Kit

 All these back to school fashions, makeup selections do strange things to us grown up ladies. Yes, I am well aware that I am not going to school and yes I am also aware I graduated from high school almost 10 years ago. However back to school time/ fall usually means more traffic,  longer days at work and just being more busy in general. So yes this isn’t your typical back to school makeup kit this is the grown up version.

Chanel Le Beige Powder
There’s nothing worse than caking a thick powder over old foundation… the word crusty comes to mind.
Fear not ladies Chanel Le Beige is not that powder. This ultra-light weight luminous powder is perfect for setting foundation and also works great for on the go touch ups. This powder is impossible to over apply yet somehow magically perfects the face. With its sturdy packaging, brush and big mirror it’s literally the ultimate on the go powder.
Eye Cream Sample
There is nothing worse in this world then feeling exhausted then looking into a mirror and realizing you look exactly how you feel. For these sort of emergences I keep a sample of any eye cream around. If I notice myself looking tired after work I pop a little on my eyes before applying concealer.

Bobbi Brown Corrector 
I think this is my all time favourite/holy grail under eye product. It neutralizes dark circles like no ones business as where the formula is thick yet settle in fine line. Plus it also has the benefit of small compact packaging. If you have never tried this product it has my stamp of approval it's deffintly worth the hype. 

Nothing switches up a makeup look like a good tube of lipstick.
The lipsticks I usually wear during the day don’t usually change and you can read more about them here. However at night is where I bust out the bright and the bolds. Around Christmas a good holiday red is always a must but in the fall its Chanel’s Character that becomes a go to. A few shades darker then what I normally wear this colour is a really easy way to transform any look to slightly vampy.

Eye shadow usually stays on my lids and sometimes a slightly worn in shadow looks edgy cool. Blush on the other hand can disappear throughout the day or even end up patchy. Not to mention after a long hard day at work a little pop of color can brighten the whole face. So what is one to do? I suppose you can pop a little lipstick on to the cheeks. However after a long day I don’t want to be caking lipstick on my cheeks. Call me picky!
Back to the topic on hand now NARS Sin! Sin is a beautiful berry colored blush with golden shimmer. An all-time favorite blush of mine, however a blush that I wear more in the fall and winter.

There we have it! 5 easy to carry products that help freshen you up after a long day of work.
For those of you who are going back to school this year I wish you the best of luck. For those who are heading back to work this week ... I feel your pain. 
What are your makeup kit essentials? Leave me a comment! 


  1. Love the grown up version of the back to school post!

  2. Love this, really like the like look of the Chanel powder.

    Kristy |

    1. The Chanel Le Beige is a great great powder.

  3. Amongst all the back to school/uni makeup looks, it's nice to see something different and more sophisticated :) x

    Beauty with charm

  4. Gorgeous picks! I've been dying to try Les Beiges :)