Sunday, August 3, 2014

Packing Light Tips & Tricks

This long weekend we are heading out to a sunny, laid back weekend on Jay's families boat. I have to admit I am clumsy when on the boat and I happen to leave my stuff everywhere. I think it's something to do with the waves but I get all wonky. While I can't cure my sea legs I have come up with a condensed makeup bag to carry along with me to keep me organized . 
So here are my tips to packing light! 

1. Save those samples. Usually samples last me a couple of days, which make them the ideal travel companion for weekend getaways. Something I almost always do is when I buy a moisturizer I always for a ask for a samples (even of the same thing) for occasions like this. 

2. Forget about lugging a perfume bottle, instead get a roller ball. Sephora has the best options in my humble opinion. With that being said I got my rollerball from Shoppers Drugmart as a free gift with purchase.

3. Pack tubes and pencils. Mascaras, eyeliner, jumbo lip pencils, concealer tubes and eye shadow pencils all pack incredibly well because they are long and flat. 

4. Pack multi purpose cream products, thats good for lips and cheeks. You can't go wrong with NARS Multiples, Stila Convertible Colours or Bobbi Browns Pot Rouge. 

5.  Sometimes a compact is needed so never sacrifice on bringing a one with a big mirror. Chanel's bronzing powder happens to have a great mirror. It also has  the added benefit of adding a little colour to my face too. 

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  1. I usually use a perfume decant, like Travalo, not only for travelling but even daily, I always have some in my purse - I didn't even know that you can buy an empty rollerball bottle :D And also yesss, samples are amazing space-savers!!